Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My May Highlights

  Remember me hoping that May would be less busy than April?

  To that me, I say - HA!

  I first of all can't believe that May is over already. What the heck, 2016?? Every month is going by twice as fast as the last. It's ridiculous. Pretty soon it'll be Christmas and what will I have to show for it? Nothing!

  Well, that's not true. I've accomplished a lot more writing in the past two years than I have in my entire life and the past two years have been the busiest of my entire life, so I must be doing something right. :P



///BRIDAL SHOWERS AND LAKE FUN. The first of May was my the co-ed bridal shower for two of my good friends who are getting married this summer. It's very exciting because I've known the guy since he was born and the girl has been one of my best camp friends for the past few years. Also, I get to be in the wedding party and so does Jonathan, so we get to be all cute together walking down the aisle. I am excited for that. In any case, not only did we have the bridal shower party which was pretty entertaining, but some of us afterwards went out to the local lake. It's a man-made lake and is dammed, so at the beginning of the month it was quite low and had a bit of a river with mud running through it. Yes, we went swimming on the first of May in Alberta, Canada (for all you un-Canadians this is usually not a thing, the swimming months are strictly mid-June to early September).

*flails about iPhone cameras being better than Androids*
  And of course we needed a campfire to warm up after that. The next week Jonathan and I took a swimming date together back by the lake/river which was quite fun but also quite cold and basically turned into a mud-fight between the two of us. 

  Today the both of us were at the lake again to kayak - my third time! I'm really terrible at it but Jonathan's a good and patient teacher, so hopefully I'll pick it up eventually *file under things that made this post late*.\\\

  ///HONEYBEES. So at my grandma's house in the awning above the back porch there's been a nest of bees hiding behind the siding and kind of just chilling. Unfortunately for the bees, my grandparent's house really needs to be re-roofed, so they had to be removed. Some professional beekeepers came down to suck up the bees and take them back to new hives. We got to watch the process through the upstairs window and discovered that the hive was massive and there were layers and layers of combs in the wall. It was crazy. We also got to keep some honeycomb and shared it around with people and tried the fresh honey, it was so ridiculously sweet, but delicious!\\\

It was so cool to watch them vacuuming up the bees!

///MORE JUMPING. We did so much of this in our lessons this month and I am so happy about it. When I was younger I had bad anxiety about jumping fences of any size but now I feel so much better about it and actually am able to enjoy it. I have much better balance now and much more skill with horses, so it's thoroughly enjoyable.\\\ 

This is called a "bounce" jump and is meant to teach you to hold your two point (jumping position).

///AFTER-WEDDING PARTY. So the older brother of one of my best friends got married this month and since he got married and is now living in Vancouver the big group of friends and family back here at home had to have their own celebration as well. We had it by the river and it was great getting to hang out with everyone. Me and my friends, the two Mackenzies, walked upriver, found some sand and talked about what kind of people we'd be if we didn't have God. XD Among other things. It was a nice night.\\\ 

Myself, said Mackenzies and my sister.

  ///SEEDING. Since I am a farmer's daughter, this horrendous task falls to me every springtime and I dread it. Going in endless circles for days and weeks drives me crazy (not to mention swallows up my writing time). I unfortunately spent 5.5 hours working yesterday for nothing and the field I did has to be re-seeded. Yay. Things like that happen to me often.\\\

At least I got to look at pretty ponies while I did the same field again...

///INDIE AT SCHOOL. So after a month of getting schooled, quite literally, my big Thoroughbred, Indie, gets to come home tomorrow. I'm super excited to have him back and work with him and what he's learned. I was impressed the other day with how still and good he stood while another mare was throwing a fit around him. He is a good boy now and not so insane. XD\\\

I think he'll be happy to get home to his pasture...


  This month was not too bad for writing, with all of the above going on plus daily activities, jobs and stresses I had my work cut out for me. Especially these last couple weeks. However, when Jonathan was gone to Vancouver/kayaking for a week I was able to get a lot done (go figure). I wrote like, three chapters in a week this month for a total of four or five for Faithless. In any case, I made a fair chunk of progress. Also, this story is going crazy on me, I literally do not know what is going happen from any given moment - even as the author. This has never happened to me before, SEND HELP!

  I did some editing of The Sorceress and the Squid as well, going through the comments that the lovely Abigayle Ellison left me as well as writing a whole new additional chapter. I still have one more scene to add and then everything to polish before it will be ready, but Abi's comments are very encouraging and I'm hoping to possibly have it out there by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

  I also did some editing for a friend and tried to work on both my fantasy series and my short story but neither of those really happened, it was all I could do to get the writing/editing I had to do done amongst all the craziness of this month. Guys, I really need a weekend writer's retreat or something...

  Oh, I got poetry/prose inspired again...

Got slightly inspired by the themes in Til We Have Faces...


I only read two books this month and am halfway through a third, but that's more than I expected so I'm happy with it. 

///BLACK SHIPS BEFORE TROY by Rosemary Sutcliff. After reading about and fangirling over Aimee Meester's fantastic Camp NaNo story I got flooded with Iliad feels and wanted to read the actual book but then my boyfriend presented me with this much simpler and beautifully illustrated by LotR artist Alan Lee edition instead. How could I say no?

  In short, everyone you love dies, including but not limited to; Hector, Patroclus, the Amazons (who are way too awesome to just up and die in one freaking chapter) and Achilles. It is angsty, tragic and very cool and the thing I love/hate about it is that you don't even take a side, you feel sympathetic towards each character, it's so weird in that way, how there's no clear bad guys or good guys. I really enjoy that aspect of it.\\\

///TIL WE HAVE FACES by CS Lewis. So this was one of the few CS Lewis books I hadn't read (I am a huge fan of literally everything he's written that I've read) and I was sitting by the bookshelf one day a little bored and I saw it and picked it up and started reading and a couple days later was finished (which is fast for me right now cause I'm so busy!). Man, I really enjoyed this. Why did I not read it sooner? Basically it's a retelling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche that breaks your heart and holds a mirror to your soul and asks you really deep questions about love, specifically how love should work. It's thought-provoking and deep, as Mr. Lewis generally is, and I would strongly recommend it to any and everyone. Likely my favorite book of the year so far aside from Wild Geese.\\\

(I've also just started The Road by Cormac McArthy yesterday and am halfway through so when I get more time to read I will probably have it finished this month, then I'll move into The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and we'll see what happens after that - maybe more CS Lewis, cause I've got a craving)


  Was sad this month. As it generally is. XD But that's okay! Maybe I'll eventually have time to make more of an effort. But for now, if anyone has any good blogging and interactive tips to share I'd be much obliged, that seems to be where I have my problems. 

Current blogger stats...
2258 pageviews
39 posts

  I'll still be looking to grow these numbers if possible but I sense a very busy June ahead and then of course the busy summer, so we'll see what happens...   


Well, June is looking super hectic. I'll be away at least one weekend and two weeks so that takes a large chunk of time, I want to do some horse stuff before summer hits and hopefully hike a bit too. Writing time is looking bleaker, but there are a couple things I'd like to get done...

My May Goals

///WRITE AT LEAST 100 WORDS PER DAY. I think I mostly did this? Days I missed were made up for days where I did a thousand words.\\\

///FINISH 3RD DRAFT OF THE SORCERESS AND THE SQUID. This one did not happen, as I hardly had any time, but I'm hoping I can do it this month, we'll see.\\\

///FINISH SHORT STORY. This definitely didn't happen. I think I wrote another paragraph and haven't hardly touched it, even though I've really wanted to.\\\

///POETRY AND ART PROJECTS. Welp. I drew one thing this month, a portrait of Jessica Jones. That's a start at least. And I did do a little poetry. But what I really need to do is some art these days...\\\

///BLOGGING. I did some more writing-related posts but wasn't able to get too much into my blogging, sadly. Too much going on, guys!.\\\

My June Goals

///FINISH FIRST DRAFT OF FAITHLESS. This is an ambitious one, especially with the timeframe I have to work with in the month ahead, but it's my last chance to really accomplish any significant amount of writing, so I'm gonna have to go for it. Wish me luck!\\\

///FINISH 3RD DRAFT OF THE SORCERESS AND THE SQUID. This one needs to happen to so that I can polish it up and hopefully have it ready for something or other in the fall.\\\

///WORK ON SHORT STORY. I can at the very least do something with this little piece of random cluttering up my hard drive. Shouldn't be that hard, right? *whimpers*

///FINISH OUTLINE FOR SUMMER PROJECT. That's right, as if I didn't have enough writing on my hands. :P I'm on a tight schedule for the next two years-ish and I've got to keep moving on to accomplish the writing I want to. Get excited because I might introduce a touch of it or Faithless or the third TSatS chapter next Wednesday, we'll have to see.\\\

  Well, it's past midnight here and I managed to get this post done after a full day of seeding fields, kayaking and exercising my very fat and out-of-shape mare who needs a good exercise regimen and more time from me and my writing. Ugh. Time-consuming hobbies are time-consuming. But hey, at least I have them. That is good.

  So how was everyone else's month? Anything exciting or special? Did you get a good chunk of writing done? Tell me about your crazy or not-so-crazy May in the comments!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Answers I WANT to Give to 10 Questions I Get About Writing

  Does anyone else around here ever get any of those eye-roll worthy questions from certainly well-meaning (but clueless to the writing world) people? Things that make you grind your teeth in frustration underneath your politely pasted-on smile? Yeah, I think anyone in the writing community can say they've been there. It's not a fun place, but I'm going to explore it in my blog post today with the use of funny GIFs! Yay for humor!

  Beware of heavy sarcasm here. Like, heavy. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but ugh, non-writers, ya feel me?

  Without further ado, here are The Answers I WANT to Give to 10 Questions I Get About Writing...

*took a pic of this gorgeous sunset last week*

  1. SO WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PUBLISH YOUR BOOK? If I had a chapter done for every time I've heard this then I would be finished a million books and they could be freaking published already and you could stop asking me this question!! Gah. Please people, I know you're just trying to take interest in my "little book" but this is the most annoying thing (I find anyway) that you can ask about. When my book is published, you will know about it. Trust me.

  2. SO CAN YOU SEND ME A "FREE" COPY WHEN IT'S READY? People usually don't put this in so many words, but you know what they're getting at. And the answer is no. I slaved over this stupid trash-nugget for weeks and months and maybe even years. The heck you get it for free after all the blood, sweat and tears I put into it to get it here.

  3. WOW, YOU'RE ACTUALLY KINDA SERIOUS ABOUT THIS WRITING STUFF? Uh. Yeah. I am. Is that actually a question?

  4. NO, BUT LIKE, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET A REAL JOB? Probably around the same time you get an open-mind and realize that books and the art of writing them is one of the most important and influential things there are. 

  Or when I need actual monies. But until then... 


  6. SO TELL ME ABOUT THE STORY *gives synopsis* NO, I MEAN, TELL ME ABOUT THE WHOLEEE STORY! I don't have much to say to this, other than...

  7. *OLDER PERSON/PERSON WITH DIFFERENT LIFE IDEAS AND OPINIONS THAN ME* SO WHAT'S THIS BOOK ABOUT? Haha...ha...ha...ha. *desperately flailing to try and tone down the death/murder/villainy/darkness that was spawned by my imagination in an effort to keep you from thinking I am of the Devil or have otherwise been compromised*

  8. YOU HAVE VOICES CALLED "YOUR CHARACTERS" IN YOUR HEAD? 'Kay, I promise I'm not insane...totally promise.

  9. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO WRITE ABOUT? Angst. Yes, I am morbid, yes I am weird, yes I am dark, yes I love making fictional people suffer. Sue me.

  10. SO WHAT'S YOUR WRITING PROCESS LIKE? Whyyyy do you torment me with this question?? How am I supposed to answer this honestly while not looking like a completely lazy good-for-nothing?

  So there you have it! My 10 answers to the annoying questions I get about being a writer. Do you guys have any others to add? I'm sure there are billions more I didn't cover. What's been your experience as a writer among your non-writer friends/family? Have any funny anecdotes or stories to share? Please do so in the comments below.

Friday, May 13, 2016

How I Create A Character Sheet

  So yeah, it's high time I posted something about writing and not just myself (I know, I know, I'm just so interesting, eh?). I got the idea tonight to share some of my methods for creating my character sheets for story reference. Because characters are important, guys, and they deserve to be well-organized and well-written.

  WHY DO I USE CHARACTER SHEETS? They are a huge help to me, especially in writing my fantasy novels, because it allows me to not stress about remembering all my details. If I forget something about a person I can go back and look at my recorded information without sifting through tons of previous chapters looking for a specific scene or moment. Believe me, that gets old fast, and often kills my writing drive too. It's so much better to have a handy-dandy reference guide right at your fingertips, especially in that it helps to keep everything straight when the going gets complicated.

  HOW DO I MAKE MY CHARACTER SHEETS? I use a typical Microsoft Word document for my character sheets and often have a layout for them that would be somewhat reminiscent of a Wikipedia page. Below you can see a preview of a character from my fantasy series, Hadia Arsheesha.

  WHAT DO I PUT IN MY CHARACTER SHEETS? Firstly, I like to find a perfect faceclaim for my characters, usually by finding an actor/actress who suits the look I've imagined. In the case of Hadia above, I am using actress Golshifteh Farahani as my inspiration. I prefer using actors rather than just internet images because if you can find a specific person who looks like your character and has photos taken of them regularly then you can get a wide-range of expressions, situations, emotions and looks from the same face, and that's great. 

  Secondly, the details I put in (using the example of sheets specific to this fantasy story) range from name, title, quotes, quick stats/facts, their history, a physical and characteristic description, their genealogy, etc. Basically, go all out. Don't hold back anything. Sit down and start writing about your character in these or whatever other areas you come up with, and go into deep detail. You'd be surprised what things you might even learn about your character when you sit down to write solely about them. 

  WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BENEFITS OF CREATING CHARACTER SHEETS? For starters, you learn a lot about your character as you create them, and what you learn is recorded and saved for future reference. You have tons of material to work with and go back to, and that's awesome. Another great thing that stems from that is you get to know your character so well and deeply that you are able to show them to readers rather than tell about them. A big pitfall of writing your first draft is having holes in your plot or characters and filling them in as you go. Of course this is fine for a first draft, but can be detrimental to the writing process and cause writer's block. Plus, it is often those times when you do your worst writing, when you aren't sure of your characters or your story and you're making it up as you go along. That's when it becomes telling instead of showing. Creating a character sheet to learn about them and get them stuck in your brain can help to prevent that. 

  There you have it! How I personally go about creating my character sheets. If you are interested in seeing a sheet in full, let me know! You can email me and I can send you an example as reference for anyone who is interested in starting something like this. 

  What are your methods for keeping track of characters and creating them? What kinds of things work for you? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Writing Wednesday - The Sorceress and the Squid, Chapter Two

  So since this Wednesday really snuck up on me *read: I spent all of Tuesday with Jonathan riding horses and swimming at the lake* I wasn't able to get what I wanted to debut today ready for eyes other than my own. Instead, I decided to share the second chapter of my fairy-tale novella, the first of which I shared last month. I won't be sharing the whole thing online of course, and probably just the first three chapters at max, but for now, this is my life-saver for this month. :P

  I'll try not to talk to much and just let you at it, right here.

  Basically, The Sorceress and the Squid is a fairy-tale story centering on a sorceress named Estrella, pupil of the Wizard and one of the Fae people in the kingdom of Perth. Trained in the magic arts, she rises against the Academy of human warriors in the valley below her mountain home. In trying to destroy their school she creates an enemy in a particular warrior named Jalen, who pursues her and ends up being transformed into a squid. Out of pity, Estrella then embarks on an adventure to bring Jalen to the Wizard for him to be restored to human form.

  Though it seems like a light-hearted, quirky tale I try to wrestle with some more mature elements as well and I think that comes through. Hopefully it lends a streak of seriousness to my whimsical fairy tale.

  If you are wanting to read the first chapter, check out my previous Writing Wednesday blog post for all the other information, located here.

  Thanks to all the readers! If you like, feel free to leave comments in the Google documents as well, they are more than welcome.

  Does anyone else have a story in progress now? What are you writing about these days?

Monday, May 2, 2016

My April Highlights

  I was right about one of my predictions for this month. It was crazier than last. In all the best ways of course. Traditionally in my life April has been the catalyst of the "busier months" of the year but this year it kind of has just been flowing along at the same sort of speed as the other months. There's kind of no line anymore between busy and not busy. It's all busy. :P I guess that's part of growing up, one that was uncomfortable for awhile but I'm starting to kind of rely on a little bit. Without something to do in my day I get a little bit stir-crazy now, whereas I was once able to just sit and do nothing for hours and be totally content. I can still be good at that, just not so much as before.

  In any case, some of my monthly highlights are below for those who care to read about my April. It was a pretty good month...

(The best thing about April has to be the fact that, in Alberta, Canada at least, everything absolutely explodes from brown to green almost overnight. Also, it's been crazy warm. It was almost +30 degrees Celsius yesterday.)


///CHOIR. We had our last choir performances for the year (or so we thought). It looks like we'll be doing one more in June, which I'm glad about because I love singing for choir and we only got to do three performances this year. Sadness.\\\

///CAMP HORSES. My summer camp has a horse program which I am quite a large part of. Around this time of year the horse "careworkers", or "wranglers" as we call them, start working with the horses to get them ready for kids in the summer. We spend the day every Saturday through April, May and June working them to get them kid-proof and ready for young riders. So far we've only had one incident so we're doing pretty good with our string.\\\

One of our new horses this year, Prince.
///KAYAKING. I got to try this for the second-ever time, though this time I tried it properly. It's A LOT harder than it looks but pretty fun actually, I was surprised that I liked it. It's Jonathan's favorite sport and since he rides horses with me it seems only fair for me to try kayaking with him. He gave me some lessons in the local swimming pool so I could practice a bit before going on river maybe this summer.\\\

///COUSINS. It was my cousin, Hayley's, sweet sixteen this month so we went up into the city to visit her and her family and celebrate. Hayley, her older sister, Abby, myself and my sister, Rachel, are all quite close so we had a fun weekend of hanging out, playing the Bean Game and binge-watching "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt".

Us and our binge-watching. :P
///THE MANE EVENT. Basically, it's a horse comic-con, full of sessions with trainers, booths selling all manner of horsey products, and a lot of horses hanging around in general. I went for the day with Kyrianna and Trina, Jonathan's sisters and some of my good friends. We picked up a lot of good information watching the trainers work and saw a lot of EXPENSIVE horse stuff that we were lusting after...if only I was rich and not a poor writer. Alas. It was also Kyrianna's sixteenth birthday and we'd had a sleepover after our camp horse Saturday, where she had been bucked off by the little pony, Mickey, and then fell off my horse, Two Bits, while riding bareback. She was okay in both instances though. We all joke that she's managed to survive to sixteen. It was a good weekend.\\\

Some of my pics from the day.

///INDIE GOES TO SCHOOL. So one of my horses, a 21 year old Thoroughbred named Indie, is slightly unstable and not the best for riding. He's quite broke, but not at all quiet and very anxious. Thus, he went to school last Friday for some conditioning. And he's lucky because his stall neighbor is the hottest horse at the barn, my trainer's Friesian Sporthorse mare, Wren.\\\

So gorgeous.
///JUMPING. Along with the horsey theme weaving its way through this month, myself and Kyrianna also got a lot of jumping in at our riding lessons. The other Thursday we got to do a six-jump course and that was pretty awesome. I loved it.\\\

Kyrianna + Quazar top/me + Banderas bottom.
I did lots of other things this month and kept pretty busy, but these were some of my highlights. Be prepared for them to get longer and longer as the months go on. :P


  My writing this month was a little slower, but I got in at least 100 words per day this month of my WIP, Faithless. In my free time, which wasn't much as you may be able to tell from above, I managed to spin out some new chapters for a total of nine. I've decided I'd like to be finished about 30 or so (which I imagine to be the end of the story) by the end of June. So I need about 10 chapters per month for the next two months and I'll be good.

  I also got through the preliminary second draft edits of The Sorceress and the Squid, which I shared the first chapter of with you guys last month. Not sure if I'll share the second chapter or a piece of something else this month...we'll see. Keep you guys in suspense. ;) Now, I've got to get into some heavy editing for the third draft this month and hopefully have it all perfected by summertime. Fingers crossed!

  I wrote a poem as well, which you can view along with some of my other poetry here. I was on a bit of a poetry block until I got a great conversational prompt, so I was happy to break through that. And I started a short story too! I binged a couple thousand words in a day of it but haven't really touched it since, so I'll have to get on that and maybe it will be ready for next month's Writing Wednesday?


  So I did quite a few posts this month, I think because I got tagged by other bloggers a couple times for various tagging games, that bumped my posts up a little. XD I also made my second Writing Wednesday post where I share pieces of my work with my followers and had a great guest post by the lovely Abigayle Ellison. She wrote about not hating the editing process and supplied a lot of good tips and I was very excited to see what she came up with. While I'm on the subject, if there is anyone out there who is interested in guest-posting or would like a guest-poster I am looking to do that where I can for this next month, so let me know!

  Current blogger stats...
  1891 pageviews
  34 posts

  Again, I'd love to grow all these numbers over the month of May and I'm looking forward to see just how that will go.


  Well, I met and surpassed my measly, pathetic goal of one book this month. I set it at that incredibly and ridiculously reasonable level because of all the busyness ahead (see Life in General above). Between all my activities, working and writing I have no reading time anymore. But this month I managed to get 3 books read.

///THE WIZARD OF OZ by L. Frank Baum. I bought it at the dollar store when I was there with my grandparents the other month and have been meaning to read it. I finally did. Of course I've seen the movie and I heard the audiobook as well, but yeah, this book is weird. Very weird. It's not at all like the movie for those who don't know. Try reading the part about how the Tin Man becomes the Tin Man. Pretty...interesting stuff. :P\\\

///WILD GEESE by Martha Ostenso. This book though. I have never related to a book more than this. I was at the local Value Village thrift store a couple weekends ago and was looking through the bookshelf and chanced upon an old copy of this book and nearly lost my mind with excitement. Why, you may be asking? You've probably never heard of this book, right? Figured as much. I hadn't either until last spring when I had to write an essay on it for an English 30 exam. What makes it so important to me? Simply just how incredibly close it was to my own life. It was about a 17 year old girl named Judith, whose overbearing father holds her and her siblings and mother on their farm and keeps them slaves to the workload. Now, no, my dad is not quite that bad, but the struggles of Judith and her family are pretty relatable to me. I often feel like a slave to my farm workload, and to read about something so similar to my own life was a fresh and new experience for me. I loved it. Plus, it was just a great book in general. Highly recommended.\\\

///THE PURITY PRINCIPLE by Randy Alcorn. This was nonfiction and just some assigned reading for camp this summer. It was good and presents some great ideas about the importance of a person's purity and sexuality, though not really new ideas to me. It was short and sweet and I read it in an hour.\\\


With May begins the farm seeding season, getting ready to, and planting the crops that will grow over summer and be harvested in the fall. So I know I will be busy, but hopefully I can make some of these goals, even better than I did in April, which was only so-so.

My April Goals

///PARTICIPATE IN GO TEEN WRITERS APRIL CHALLENGE. I can check this one off. I did at least 100 words in my WIP every day this month, which I was quite happy about. It was pretty hard to even spit out that many words at times.\\\

///POLISH UP ESSAY CONTEST ENTRY. I did this as well, and entered it. Unfortunately, I did not win the filly they were giving away at the Mane Event, but I did get to see her when I went. And that was nice too.\\\

///FINISH 2ND DRAFT OF THE SORCERESS AND THE SQUID. I definitely did this, about halfway through the month, and I was quite happy about it.\\\

///READ ONE BOOK. As stated above, I met that goal. Yay.\\\

///DOUBLE FOLLOWERS. This one I did not meet, though I gave it my best effort. I did gain one new follower, however, and that is good enough.\\\

///PLOTTING FOR MY SUMMER WIP. I did a little of this, not as much as I should have, but I still have two months til summertime. *nervous laughter*\\\

My May Goals

///WRITE AT LEAST 100 WORDS PER DAY. I want to do this again, but also, in addition, try to get at least 10 chapters of Faithless finished up too, so I can stay ahead of the game.\\\

///FINISH 3RD DRAFT OF THE SORCERESS AND THE SQUID. This one needs to happen to, so I can be all finished with it by summer.\\\

///FINISH SHORT STORY. As mentioned above, I started a short story this month and I'd like to finish it here in May so I can share it eventually.\\\

///POETRY AND ART PROJECTS. I *need* to do this more. My art life is DYING. Not even kidding.\\\

///BLOGGING. I want to do this better and expand my horizons with it. I hope to do some actual writing tip type posts this month, as well as maybe more guest-posting and adding new followers, however slowly it all happens is okay, so long as it does happen.\\\

  And there you have it, all the details of my month wrapped up in one blog post! Sorry it was so long and rambly, I'm bad for that.

  Be on the look out for my monthly Writing Wednesday post this week, and let me know if you are interested in the idea of guest-posting or having a guest-poster in any capacity. I'd be very interested.

  So how was your guys' months? Did you meet some of your writing goals? I know that Camp NaNo was happening for a lot of you, how did that go? Let me know in the comments below!