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What I Wrote for #CampNaNo2022

    I have not been on the blogosphere much in 2022, and that is probably not going to change unfortunately. My life has been absolutely nuts the past couple years and my writing platform has suffered. However, if you want to see a bit more regular writing/book content from me, you can follow my writing account on instagram: @writeremilymundell and I will keep to more regular posting there. On here, I am probably going to just post about projects as they come up, and publishing things, with the occasional life post to keep updated. I have so much going on these days that something needs to take a backseat and blogging has already been doing that anyways.    With that being said, I thought I'd share about my #CampNaNo project with you all! I was pretty excited for it at the beginning of the month and though I did not finish and became incredibly swamped (as I usually do in April), I have a direction for another manuscript and a several thousand words written so I'm happy with t

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