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2021 Quarterly Update #2

    Long time no post! Due to my crazy schedule and a feeling of burn out earlier in the summer, I fell off the blogging bandwagon a little earlier than my normal summer hiatus, but it was probably a good idea to remove one more thing from my plate. My writing platform as a whole has felt fairly neglected in 2021 - which, speaking of, isn't it crazy that we're almost through another whole year? Time is flying at a concerning speed.   WRITING   Early 2021 I had quite a bit of success on the writing front, but the summer was, as usual, mostly void of writing. As it stands, I now have just 3 chapters remaining in The Promise, so I will soon be finished that and ready to start on a new project. I'm currently debating between a few so we will see what I end up deciding on.    MEDIA   My reading picked up through summer (getting nine new books for my birthday certainly helped) and I just crossed the mark of my Goodreads goal of 25 books for the year. I'm excited to be able to

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