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2018 Rewind

Welcome to 2019, everyone! How does it feel to be one year away from the dreaded 2020 (can you actually imagine saying the words "2020" out loud referring to your current year? Ew.) How was your Christmas time? Heck, how was the last half of your 2018? Recognizing that I kind of fell off the face of the blogosphere over the last bit of the year, I am writing this post to kickstart what will hopefully be a better blogging year in 2019! Tbh, I felt a bit disillusioned with blogging last year and was considering calling it quits or seriously changing my methods (more on that later), along with an intense workload of moving and trying to figure life out, blogging was not high on my list of priorities. Hopefully in the coming year I can be more realistic about my goals, situation, and abilities and create a platform that works for myself and readers, but enough excuses! Despite the craziness that 2018 was and the ups and downs of the year, I definitely had a good time and got t…

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