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5 Ways to Support Your Local Indie Author (without spending A CENT!)

Did you know that supporting your local indie is easier than you imagine? AND it is totally free! All it takes is a little time and know-how to show you care and value someone's creative efforts. Today I'll show you 5 Ways to Support Your Local Indie, without spending a cent!

  This one is probably the most important, so I'll talk about it first. Yes, providing you've read their book, this is the imperative second step in assisting your Local Indie Author in achieving their dream. Reviews are the lifeblood of independently published books. We don't have a publishing company shoving our stories down the public's throats - we have to do that on our own! Or with help from good friends like you. Leaving a review is definitely the most effective way to help us with this goal, and the next best thing after reading the book itself. Reviews don't need to be long, or even 5 stars to be helpful. The more reviews, the more our book will be noticed in t…

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