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Why I Decided to Create a Reading Habit (and How You Can Too)

    Hello all! Happy end of February! I am so glad that I am writing to you now with our coldsnap done and over, and that the days are warming up and getting longer, giving me waaayyy too much hope for springtime. We still have March to go so I really shouldn't get too excited about the snow melting and temperatures rising just yet.    But despite some of the bone-chilling cold, the global pandemic still wreaking havoc in most people's daily lives, 2021 has so far been an overall successful couple of months on my end. I've got a lot of work to keep me occupied in my day jobs, and I'm actually AHEAD in my writing goals, I've even been getting regularly into my sketchbook again! But one of my favorite accomplishments from the year so far has been the amount of reading I am getting done.    The last couple of years have been pretty dismal for me on the reading front, which has disappointed me to no end. In 2019 and 2020 I didn't even meet my very manageable Goodrea

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