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June Highlights, Q+A and Hiatus Announcement

Mucho apologies for being a month late with this, guys. I am a horrible human.

  *slides in sheepishly* Hey, guys. Yes, I have been like, dead, over the past month. It may have a little bit to do with general busyness and MUCH procrastination, but mostly it has to do with a lack of internet access and I'm going to be going with that as my main excuse, mmkay?

LIFE MORE MOVING // We moved again.* We are currently living in a cabin out on camp property which is cozy, WiFi-less, and no less busy than anywhere we have lived previously. :P I probably won't be around much until the end of August, as it is most summers for me.

*honestly, i never want to move again guys, someone buy us a house and a private plane to take my husband to school

MORE GRADS // This month I did grad shoots for my beautiful cousin, Hayley, and my lovely barn friend, Shelby. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph so many new faces and locations this spring. All the editing and driving and hot sun …

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