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2019 Quarterly Update

Hello all! How is your 2019 going so far? Is it currently blizzarding down on the last day of April for you? No?? How odd. The weather around here would have me believe that is a totally normal thing! *laughs hysterically*

  You may have noticed that things are a little different on my blog this year. Whereas I used to try and post once a week and had a monthly update, I've scaled things back to posting at least once per month and doing quarterly updates instead.

  It's crazy to think that it will be May tomorrow already (especially considering all the snow currently sitting outside, rip me).

  This year I've been trying to stick on some semblance of a schedule, and so far been doing alright. I've been working on the second half of The Wandering, which is the second installment of my fantasy series (you can read more about it under my Upcoming Projects header). I'm finishing up chapter 6 today and will hopefully hit chapter 15 by June (fingers crossed).…

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