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Finding Your Character's Voice

With NaNoWriMo soon to be upon us, there are probably many of you out there looking at the overwhelming prospect of spitting out 50,000 words of a first draft. Though there are many, many things to think about in the novel writing process, one thing that often gets overlooked is CHARACTER VOICE. What is it and how do we find it? Continue reading to get my tips on the process!

  Before we look at how to find our character voice, we need to answer another important question, what is character voice? 
  According to a Google definition: Character voice refers to the unique way that a character in a novel or short story expresses themselves outwardly and inwardly. A character's voice can be communicated through a character's personality, a character's thoughts, and the way that character sounds.

  Now that we understand that, let's look at some ways we as writers can develop our character's unique voice...
  One of my favorite ways to better underst…

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