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Looking for Beta-Readers!//Dystopia//50,000 words
Synopsis: Katarian refugee and dignitary, Sagaar Remus, is reunited after seven years with her husband, Damien Sparr, a convicted war criminal in the Outer Reach whose coup destroyed her country, city, home and family. After years of separation she meets him in his prison cell, aghast by the atrocities he has committed in the name of his people. With her husband facing the executioner's block and conspiracy swimming around her, Saagar must learn what it means to love someone that you cannot trust.



Future Project//War AU
Synopsis: Alternate universe inspired by the Exodus story of Hebrew slaves in Egypt and the Kurdish women freedom fighters.


Future Project//Contemporary Sci-fi
Synopsis: Elsie is a child with uncertain gifts with which to destroy or save the seaside town she appears in.

Grey Bird

Future Project//Post-apocalyptic Novella
Synopsis: A young boy travels through a futuristic wasteland, barely surviving, with his aging grandfather whose dementia is slowly setting in.

How I Could Have Saved Your Life

Future project//Contemporary YA
Official Synopsis Pending: A collection of letters and journal entries written by a boy to his deceased female friend who committed suicide.


Future project//Mythogical retelling
Official Synopsis Pending: Retelling of the myth of Medusa.


Future project//Contemporary/sci-fi/action
Official Synopsis Pending: Two siblings with superhuman ability are relocated to foster care in the city after the suspicious deaths of their grandparents and go on a search to discover the truth about their murky history.

The Amazons

Future Project//Mythological retelling
Synopsis: Retelling of the Amazons part in the mythical war for Troy.

The Imperium Files Series (Valkyrie, Stone Ghost, Halo)

Future project (one I've been writing on and off for years)//Action/thriller
Official Synopsis Pending: Series inspired by the CIA's real life MK Ultra experiments and the child soldier phenomenon across the globe.

These Comforts We Despise

Future Project//Historical fiction, sci-fi?
Official Synopsis Pending: Sci-fi retelling of the story of Queen Cleopatra and her fight to rule Egypt as Pharaoh.

The Snow Dragon
Current WIP//Fairy-tale fantasy
Synopsis: Eira is a child of the mountains, a child of winter. Her imagination is the product of many nights sitting by the fire in her father’s lap, listening to his tales of the Snow Dragon. Fascinated by the folk tales of her people, Eira resorts to belief in fairy-tales when her father disappears without a trace and she is thrust into a life-changing journey to seek him and the legendary Snow Dragon.

The War of the Three Crowns: The Awakening

First draft complete//Medieval fantasy fiction//300,000 words
Synopsis: In the fractured nation of Bayalaa, a tentative alliance is being formed between the houses of Lord Tulon Rogoth and the king, Sahl Reddarke. Tensions arise when history, prophecy and politics collide, leading to civil war in a country already balancing on the brink of destruction.

The War of the Three Crowns: The Wandering

Working on first draft//Medieval fantasy fiction
Synopsis: The North and South of Bayalaa has exploded into an all out war, battling for justice and for control of a country surrounded by enemies and in the shadow of death. While two kings contend for the Bayalaan throne, another power is rising in the Far South, determined to take Bayalaa back as his own. But oblivious to them all, there is a Darkness settling over the bloodied land…


Current WIP//Dystopia
Synopsis: In a world without death or imperfection sanitation worker, Tobias Keat, experiences the unthinkable: the tragic passing of his wife, Erah. However, he soon learns that while his wife as he knows her is gone, the government has supplied him with her cloned replacement to maintain their Utopian facade; a puppet he is forced to accept as his own.

Untitled Swamp Novel

Future Project//Fantasy, alternate universe
Official Synopsis Pending: A village living on the edge of a demon-possessed swamp loses one of its members to the mist. She returns half-sane; part of her seeking revenge against her husband who "abandoned her" and the other half looking to warn her community of some great future tragedy that she cannot explain nor persuade them to believe.

The Art of Making Cosmic Enemies

Future Project//Urban Gothic
Synopsis: Two siblings, Magpie and X, with a mysterious past and equally mysterious powers traverse the dangerous streets of the Chicago underground in search of answers while trying to survive the unknown assailants following their every move.

If anything here interests you be sure to let me know! I love to chat about my projects. What sort of things are you working on? Swapping stories with other young writers is one of my favorite things to do. Talk to me!


  1. Whoa they all sound amazing. You should tell us more about them sometime.I am working on a lot of things. Currently my fantasy, Broccoli Queen. But I have plenty more in mind. Maybe I should start this kind of a page too!

    1. Thank you! As I work on them more will be revealed. My next hopeful publication will be Faithless (the top one), but I won't start working on it til the fall.
      Broccoli Queen? That sounds really interesting! I agree, start a story-sharing page. :DD

    2. YOU'VE ADDED PROJECTS!! I love them all and I can't wait to learn more about them! Your ideas are SO GOOD and those storyboard pictures are the best!! Eeep!

      - lisa @ inkwell

    3. I DID!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to learn more about them too, most of them are plot bunnies right now. XD


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