Yes, I Am Quiet

*An old poem of mine, composed doing chores out in the dark one night. Can be found on my poetry tumblr here.

Yes, I am quiet.

I am quiet and I listen, and I listen, and I listen. I soak it in, and I soak it in, and I soak it in.

But I never let it out.

Yes, I am quiet.

Inside I am screaming and laughing and crying and writhing in ecstasy and emotion. Inside I am living and dying every day. Inside there is beauty and wisdom, there is ugliness and foolishness. Inside I am loud. And you are so close, so close to the noise.

But you never hear it.

Yes, I am quiet.

How odd that I can have all this inside me, all that is unseen and unheard, and to you it is nothing.

To you, it is only quiet. 


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