So I've Finished A Second Novel...

  It feels a little surreal to be able to say that. I've written two books. Two whole books, penned completely by mine own hand, are here on this computer, waiting to be shared with the world. What a scary thought.

  And both in the span of seven months, after years of work I get to see my writing begin to pay off with my goals being met. What a wonderful and weird thing.

  So where do I go now? I mean, obviously it's time to edit - as much as I am dreading wading back through all the spewed words and hastily thrown together plot points and gaping plot holes. But after that job is complete, what am I going to do with these stories I have created?

  Well, my first complete novel, the first of a fantasy series titled, 'The Awakening', I hope someday to publish traditionally along with the other books I am planning to write with it. Though it is large and complex, spanning an entire world and covering the lives of dozens of characters, at its core it concerns three separate family households contending for the throne of Bayalaa and often moves into darker, more mature themes. It is a for sure a labor of love and blood and sweat and tears, and I have worked on it for so long that to have it finished and complete is a little weird and hard to deal with. Like, what do I do without this story I am pressed to write? Continue on with the sequel I suppose... But still, that's like moving onto a new child, letting one grow up and move on while you raise up another. Not entirely pleasant.

  My second completed manuscript is less a novel and more a novella. It is called 'The Sorceress and the Squid' and is a fairy tale story set in a fictional kingdom called Perth where the Old Kingdom and the New are at odds. In this fantasy universe a sorceress by the name of Estrella picks a fight with human warrior, Jalen, and ends up transforming him into a squid. Though she does not know how to restore his human form, she takes pity on him and promises to travel west towards the Sea to take him to her master, the Wizard on his island. They encounter various colorful characters and perils along the way and learn to work together despite their initial and intense dislike for one another. It is a bit of a silly story, much more light-hearted in tone (very unlike it's predecessor), and a bit of a self-insert written so the characters reflect people I know in very mild ways. In that, it is probably the most "chill" thing I have ever written, though it sobers itself up some towards the end. I really immensely enjoyed writing it and am looking into self-publishing it, likely with Amazon. I have hired a concept artist friend to do some neat illustrations and would be willing to hire a proof-reader as well to double-check my editing. This one I hope to bring to the world in a more short order, if at all possible.

So, there you have it. My completed projects in a nutshell. Do either of these stories catch your eye? Please let me know! If you're a writer, what have been some of your completed projects? I'd love to hear about them!


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