Two Days Into the Challenge and Writing Announcement

  I am now two days into Go Teen Writers 300 for 30 Challenge and am loving it! Yesterday and today (Tuesday and Wednesday) are the busiest days of my week and because of this challenge I've managed not only to meet my quota but actually write about a chapter and a half of my WIP so far. It's a little bit insane. Thank goodness I found this challenge!

  As proof of my accomplishment, here is a small excerpt of the first chapter of Faithless:

  Larkin’s hand was on her arm, pulling her out of her frenzy. The sights and the sounds in her head stopped suddenly and she found herself curled up in the corner of the room, her face wet with tears.
  “I need you to listen, and to speak,” Larkin said. “I need to hear all that you know about these terrorists who destroyed your city.”
  She was still shaking beneath the rough touch of his hand. “He killed my family, he killed everyone…”
  “Who?” Larkin asked. “Who killed them?”
  The boy who used to throw apples at me, who loved climbing in the mountains, who stole butter-tarts from the kitchen and kissed me under the garden arch. The boy who lied and betrayed us.

  “Damien…” she answered, her voice trembling. “Damien Sparr. My husband.”

  Hopefully that looks intriguing or interesting, at least a little. BUT, that brings me to my writing announcement...

  I've been toying with the idea of posting small bits and pieces of my work for sampling on this blog and have decided to do just that once a month from here on out. So, next Wednesday be on the look out for the debut of my short story The Door-Sleeper which tells the story of a guy named Adam learning to deal with his wife's debilitating mental condition as it takes its toll on both them and their marriage. 

  So what about the rest of you who are doing the challenge? How is it going? How much have you accomplished so far? Let me know below!  


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