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  This isn't really a writing-related post, it's another personal post - because I seem to be good at those. I was tagged by the stupendous Jonathan Trout of Fishing 4 Ideas to do what is I suppose formally known as the 'Wisteria Writer Tag'. Jonathan has posed a lot of cool questions, and since I've stayed home from church this morning due to being sick and have the house to myself, I figured this was as good an opportunity as any to go ahead and make (start) a new post. 

  So, without further ado...


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 
2. Answer the ten questions asked. 
3. Add ten (writing or book related) questions of your own. 
4. Nominate people. 

Here are Jonathan's Ten Questions:

1. Which of your writing projects is your favorite and why?

  That is an extremely difficult question to answer...I think I'd have to say my fantasy series, The War of the Three Crowns, is my favorite. Simply because I've been working on it for so so SO long that the characters are my literal children and it's fantasy and my plot is so involved and complicated that I might never ever finish them (but I'll keep writing anyway - even if it kills me). I've grown and changed so much as a writer and as a person by writing these stories and I love them so much. They are killing me slowly (I've been thinking/plotting/writing/imaging them since the tender age of 11 - so like, nine years ago) but I cannot give them up. They simply don't leave my head, no matter what other projects enter in, they are still there. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

  The basic synopsis' of the first two books of this series can be found on my About My Writing page if anyone is interested in checking it out. 

2. Can you share some snippets from your favorite project? (and no you cannot say no to this IT IS MANDATORY) 

  Well, if you insist I suppose I can try to find something that might not make your eyes bleed. :P Bear in mind that none of this has been properly edited yet!

feat: my angst-ridden, anxiety-filled mc, falaroy and his many insecurities
3. What is your favorite tense (past, present, future) and voice (first, third; I don't think it's actually called that but I'm using that word because it makes sense to me and I can't think of the right one. XD) to write in? 

  For the most part I use third person, past tense. I've done some third person, present tense and some first person past tense and some first person present tense and probably lots else that I'm forgetting. But I like third person and past tense because then I have a lot more freedom with who to use as a narrator. Probably too much freedom. :P

4. When is your favorite time to write?

  I used to have a scheduled writing time in the morning and that was really good, I got quite a bit done. I generally prefer to work in the mornings so I can spend the afternoon outside or off somewhere and the evening/night just being on the internet for fun and not working. 

5. What is the the most unpleasant thing you've put one of your characters through? (random note but this question stems almost entirely from a Camp NaNo April conversation in which we discussed why it's good to be mean to your characters. XP Yup, I still remember it.)

  Um, like, my whole freaking book? *sorry characters, you deserve a nicer person to write your stories than me*

  Haha, I don't know though...I mean, I don't have any super specific instances. My one character, Saagar, (whose story I'm working on now) lost her entire city, country, life and family because her husband/childhood companion was a secret terrorist and blew everything up; leaving her with third degree burning, PTSD and a lot of emotional angst and I mean. Can it get much worse than that?

6. Are you a more character-driven writer or a more plot-driven writer? 

  Well, I love a great plot and I like to think I've come up with some good ones. But I do generally construct a more vague or less streamlined plot than I do with characters. I become kind of obsessed with characters and emotion and drama and I definitely feed off of that when writing a lot more than plot. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing... 

7. Are you a plotter or a pantser?

  It kinda depends, but overall I am a plotter. I have way too many things going on in my head and too many story worlds (belonging both to me and others) to not write stuff down and figure it out. I'll go crazy and forget it all when my brain crashes someday if I don't release some of that data onto paper to refer back to when needed.  

8. What is your favorite word processing system to write in and why do you like it? (SCRIVENER FOR THE WIN)

  I've only ever used Microsoft Word and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon.  

9. If you were left on an abandoned island with the last character you wrote about, how would that go for you? (I know it's super original but unfortunately not from me. XD I pulled it off a meme.)

  The last character I wrote about is Saagar and she's kind of flipping useless (sorry, honey) and so am I so we would probably die. But we're both angsty and emotional and over-dramatic so at least it would be interesting.  

10. What is your favorite writing resource? (this could be a blog, website, newsletter, writing book, that one pet who listens to all your writerly ramblings, anything basically XP)

  Good question. I love reading other books I think most of all for inspiration. And also other blogs. Veronica Roth had a really excellent blog back in the day and I've read many many very good ones since getting more into the blogosphere. Twitter is quite an impressive resource too if you know how to use it. I guess in general, the Internet would be my choice. XD

  And here are my ten questions...

1. What about writing a best-seller someday most appeals to you? Or if you aren't interested in that, what motivates you the most in writing?

2. What was your favorite book as a child and why?

3. What is your least favorite part of writing and how do you get yourself through it?

4. Choose your favorite character from your current manuscript. If you could have the chance to do a crossover, which other fictional character from another story who would you choose to have meet them?

5. Which writer's work has most inspired you in your writing journey?

6. If you had to write a historical fiction novel, who/what would you choose as your subject?

7. What is the highest word count you've ever written in a single day?

8. What is your biggest dream as a writer?

9. Who is your favorite blogger to follow?

10. Where do you see yourself (writer-wise) in the next five years?

  I don't really have anyone to nominate for this, so instead I'm going to be a rule-breaker and demand that those who read all the way through this post answer my questions in the comments, so I can get to know you ALL better in a way that is fairly easy for everyone. How does that sound? Good? I thought so.


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