September Highlights

  Yet another month passes and I am resisting the urge to lament on how quickly the year is going by. I will be cruel and remind you though that there are only three months left in the year. Ready to go Christmas shopping yet?


  It was a pretty busy month with harvest going on as well as farewelling friends and having cousins over all the way from Australia. Never a dull moment this month.

//FAREWELL PARTY. Lost yet another MacKenzie to the wiles of the wide world. One of my very best friends headed off to Bible college in England. She's getting to live in a castle and learn about God and that's so cool. I'm kinda jealous but mostly sad cause she's gone. Le sigh. She'll be back for Christmas though, so I'm excited for that.\\

//STAR WARS BIRTHDAY. My little sister Ava had her ninth birthday party back at the beginning of the month. She opted for a Star Wars theme so we invited some of the homeschool families over and had a fun festivity. Jonathan's younger brother, Josh, took things to the next level with his Mace Windu costume. Complete with a bald head and black painted skin. It was an intense cosplay.
Yes, he shaved his head just for the party.\\

//SPRUCE MEADOWS TRIP. Myself, my sister Blythe, friends MacKenzie and Elise, Jonathan's two sisters, Trina and Kyrianna and his mom all got to go see the Masters event at Spruce Meadows together. I was unfortunately losing my voice that day so singing along to Disney songs on the way there was not working out for me super well. Regardless, we got to see some awesome equine athletes and enjoy a lovely experience on the Spruce Meadows grounds on our girls day out.\\

//AUSTRALIAN COUSINS. Eleven years ago some of my cousins moved away to Australia. We've seen them off and on over the years, and this year some of them came back overseas to visit. We've had quite the time hanging out, adventuring and fooling around together. Including races in the farmyard, fart-noise contests in the basement, listening to Fall Out Boy full blast with the windows down, watching cartoons in the movie theater, lots of good stuff. Cause cousins are awesome.\\

//HIKING. Myself and cousin Morgan got to head out to the mountains with Jonathan's family last weekend. As always, I was not disappointed. It was beautiful out there and we had a really good hike, we even spotted a Grizzly Bear! It was Morgan's first time in the mountains and his first time seeing/holding snow in eleven years. Lots of fun to be had.\\


  Well, most notably I finished my third draft of edits on The Sorceress and the Squid. I'm quite proud of that and now that I believe the plot to be all streamlined and working well I can get down to the grammar. Yay, my favorite. :P I am a step closer to publication though, and I'm certainly excited about that. I've started looking into Kindle Publishing and I've got an illustrator and everything. Super cool stuff.

  On the tenth my friend and I hosted a 10K In A Day writing marathon at our local library. Attendance was low and unfortunately none of us made it to 10K (we didn't give ourselves enough hours) but I did finish two and a half chapters of Faithless, which is excellent. It was the most I'd touched that manuscript all summer.

  Aside from that there was not too much writing to be had due to the events above as well as day-in day-out life. However, courses for my Creative Writing Certificate have begun again and that should propel me back into writing (fingers crossed).


  I did a little better for reading this month than the summer, which I am happy with. I got two books read in a week but then my streak kind of died. I made it up with a couple of comics instead. XD


  The Killing Joke 4.5/5 - Definitely worthwhile, even if it was a very short comic. I borrowed it from Jonathan and was not disappointed. It was quite intense but thoroughly enjoyable if you like insanity and exploring the psyche of deranged killers...but hey, we're all writers here, right? It's practically in our blood to like that. 

  Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Promise: Part One 4/5 - As an ATLA lover I definitely am enjoying getting into the comics series since the TV show left just enough loose ends to keep you wondering. The only thing I wish was that they could make them a lot longer!

  The Girl On The Train 4.5/5 - I really liked it. It was mysterious and completely drew me in from the beginning. I wanted desperately to know how things would turn out. 

  Hacker 3.5/5 - I do enjoy Ted Dekker and I enjoyed this book as well, though it's not my favorite by him. It was quite a mindbending read and I would certainly recommend it. 

  Harley Quinn's Greatest Hits 4/5 - I don't read many comics/graphic novels, though I think I might start doing so, but I really enjoyed this one. It was nice cause it had lots of snippets from various different Harley Quinn stories, so I got to see a wide range of her canon. It was pretty interesting. 


  Not a ton of activity there, but I did make a couple posts this month. I am aiming to post more as time goes on, but here's to hoping. :P

  Current blogger stats...
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  I am happy because I definitely met my goals from last month. Finally! This is cause for celebration by making new goals, lol.

///FINISH FAITHLESS. With my new classes I am being challenged to write a novel in a month this October, so I am going to attempt this with Faithless. It will need a new draft and I think I'm going to go over and fix it up and flesh it out and see if I can have it finished by month's end. I have my doubts, but since it's a school thing I may have to suck up my laziness!\\\

///FINISH EDITING. I would really like to finalize all my editing for The Sorceress and the Squid and get that all done. It will be nice to have a completed manuscript ready to go to work instead of another messy first draft.\\\

///READ 3 BOOKS. A low bar but I'm hoping to hurdle it. I have a lot of books I've just bought that I'd really like to read, so I shall get those out of the way if I can.\\\

  Tried to keep this one short and sweet - we'll see if that worked out or not! Hope you guys had an amazing September. Are you sad to see summer completely gone now? Or are you a fall person? What were some of your September highlights? Let me know below.


  1. I would like to recommend reading The Girl on the Train: A Novel.
    I just finished reading it today, and my conclusion is that its a really good book.


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