Thanks for the Memories, 2016

(that was a Fall Out Boy reference, in case y'all missed it)

  Here goes basic me saying "Wow, I can't believe how quickly the year went!" and yeah, even though that's what everyone's saying, it's true. 2016 was a bit of a fly-by. It seems the Internet has ganged up to hate on it, and I can't blame them. For the world over 2016 was kind of a bummer in many respects. However, it was a enormously wonderful year for myself and likely the last of its kind for me too (growing up and all that jazz, blah). So I think it's worth celebrating, and remembering.

(Especially since I've hardly posted at all these past few months - my apologies. I will try to do better in 2017!)

it's so hard to settle on just 52 images for this. ugh.


  • Got engaged (November 12th)!! But I've babbled about that enough that you guys probably know all about it but if you ask for more information I will gladly babble more
  • (On the topic of weddings) I was a bridesmaid for my friend's August wedding this year and Jonathan was my groomsmen. This year will be our turn. :)
  • Turned 19 in July and that's weird. I'm going to be 20 really soon and that's more weird (people still think I'm twelve though, no joke, so that's good I guess).
  • Worked my fifth summer at camp. I'm looking forward to going back this summer for one last go round before being an old married person. I hope to come back afterwards as well but only time will tell there.
  • Bought my new horse officially in November. Her name is Two Bits and she's a beautiful bay Quarter Horse and I love her.
  • We acquired the sum of 26 cats on our farm. Please don't ask how.
  • Farewelled two of my very best friends to England and Africa respectively. I've been so ALONE, guys!
  • Did a ton of hiking, riding and photography throughout these past twelve months, which I am quite excited about. 


  • Finished The Sorceress and the Squid back in the springtime and have since been fixing it up. I've gone through three or four drafts since then and it's really shaping up. I'm super excited.
  • Took a poetry class and became a much better poet. 
  • Finished the first draft of Faithless. 
  • Began to write the first draft of The Snow Dragon
  • Actually got quite a bit of crap done despite my insane procrastination and even insaner life???





  • Read a measly 20 books and treasured my valuable reading time very very dearly. Acquired some new favorites including The Bell Jar, Til We Have Faces, Wild Geese, A Monster Calls and The Ocean at the End of the Lane


  • READ 50 BOOKS: I really want to try and read 50 books this year, which I recognize will be super hard due to the fact that I generally don't spend any time at home or have any downtime during the summer (which will only be worse this year). I am excited to try though, my TBR is ridiculously long and my bookshelves are full and I need to READDDDD.
  • PUBLISH THE SORCERESS AND THE SQUID: I want to self-publish with Amazon for this story but I really need to buckle down and get the edits off and figure out how Amazon Publishing really works (too much brainpower, ugh).
  • FINISH 1 MANUSCRIPT, BEGIN A 2ND: I'm already decently well into my fairy-tale novella, The Snow Dragon, and I hope to have that finished up in the next couple months. From there, I shall pick from the slew of novel ideas that have piled up around me over the years...maybe once I'm ready I'll host a poll to determine which it should be? That would be exciting.
  • EDIT FAITHLESS TO BETA-READER STANDARDS: I'm not optimistic I'll have fixed this one up enough for any publishing hopes by year's end, but I would like to get it in the hands of readers before too much time passes. It's a story that I really want to see how people react to, and I'm excited for that. I'll be sure to inform everyone when I am in need of betas! :D
  • PARTICIPATE IN NANO: I never quite manage to do this (I kind of did it in October this year, but not really). This time I actually want to do the real thing. I'll see where I'm at way down the road in November...I'm sure it'll come scarily fast and I'll still be sitting on my butt going "whaaaa?"
  • GROW AS A BLOGGER: This is super vague, but more specifically I want to not suck at this blogging thing. I'd like to aim for a post every week that I can this year (I'll probably dismiss myself over summer) and try to get to know more people and reach out into the blogosphere. 
Overall, I'm really looking forward to see where this year takes me, both in my personal life and my writing life. There are a lot of super scary things coming up - like getting married and moving off the farm and away from home, or finding a way to publish my first book (I hope) - but these things, while intimidating, I know will be amazing and worthwhile. I'm so excited for 2017.

What are your thoughts on the past year and the year ahead? Are there any big changes coming your way in the new year? What goals do you have? Tell me about them below! :D


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