Sunday, February 19, 2017

In Honor of Valentine's Day // My 10 OTP's

  Since I am on the cusp of being an old married lady, I thought a Valentine's Day-esque post might be a good thing (and my blogging brain is currently not very inspired). Today I am bringing you my top ten OTP's (One True Pairings) and fangirling a little bit, cause that seems Valentine's appropriate.

  So, let's begin - in no particular order because it's impossible to order...

  ARAGORN AND ARWEN (lord of the rings)

  One of my favorite pairs (any fantasy lover's favorite pair, probably). They're both just so beautiful and perfect and amazing. Ugh. Can you get anymore beautiful than Liv Tyler and Viggo Mortensen? I don't think so. 


  These two are dorks and I am a sucker for the enemies or "in dislike" turned lovers trope. Han and Leia are a classic example of this and that is why they rock.


  The original Spiderman movies with Peter and MJ has been one of my first OTP scenarios for a very long time and as cute and adorable as Emma Watson and Andrew Garfield are, the original Spideys are what I'm here for. Fight me.

  FARAMIR AND EOWYN (lord of the rings)

  Couple #goals. Better than you. Warrior who loves peace and shieldmaiden turned healer. The literal bestest.

  KATARA AND AANG (avatar: the last airbender)

cartoon kisses, lol
  Well, these two are pretty cute. And pretty cool. And ATLA, guys. It's ATLA. They make every fandom related list. 


  A typical dysfunctional couple that has gone through the same typical dysfunctional garbage and should just be allowed to be happy and also have their romance acknowledged in the movies?? Like, what's up with that????

  ANASTASIA AND DMITRI (anastasia movie)

  Not all OTP's are live-action or from a book. Some are characters from historically inspired animations. And just so happen to be their own special brand of awesome. Like these two. 


  I know this is a pairing that only gets mentioned in the Appendices of LotR as ever having happened at all, but I've written a lot of fanfiction for these two and they have a special place in my heart as the literal cutest ever. Unfortunately no images of Estella. :(


  Yes, I do in fact have a thing for romantic tragedy. Yes, that is in fact 90% of why I like the Anidala ship. Sue me. 

  SIMBA AND NALA (the lion king)

  I will not be judged for having animated lions on this list. Do you hear me?? THERE WILL BE NO JUDGMENT! You know they make your list too.

  WILL TURNER AND ELIZABETH SWANN (pirates of the caribbean)

  Again with the two incredibly hot people playing an incredibly hot couple. I have to say, Will is such a sweetie and Elizabeth a firecracker. Just look at that GIF! They're beautiful.

  JESSE AARONS AND LESLIE BURKE (bridge to terebithia)

  If these two adorable tragedies aren't on your list then there is something wrong with you. Clearly. This book. This movie. I can't not cry every time. I swear, Josh Hutcherson's sobbing takes years off my life every viewing.


  I swear I don't have a problem with doomed childhood romances...I swear....

  But these two. How can you not love them? Especially in the book. Gah, the book. Just love them with me.

  ROBIN HOOD AND MAID MARIAN (disney and otherwise)

  I like the "real life" pairing but also and especially the Disney one. Look at that scenery, isn't it magical? Robin really knows how to treat his girl. Before I had any inkling of what romance was, these two were showing me. 

  ZUKO AND MAI (avatar: the last airbender)

  I don't know why, but Mai reminds me of me and I really like Zuko and yeah. These two are pretty awesome. More from ATLA I know, but who cares? Not me. Besides, Zuko and Mai probably deserve their own entire post, just saying. 

  MIKE AND ELEVEN (stranger things)

  And finally we have my latest pairing, Mike and Eleven and all their adorable-ness. Ugh, Season two cannot come fast enough. I need more of these guys!

  So there are my top ten OTP's for you this belated Valentine's Day. Do any of these guys make your lists? Is there someone critical I left out (probably)? Let me know in the comments below!

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