6 Struggles of Moving Out for the First Time

  Since I had a totally busy weekend and have not had the time to put together a decent post, I am here tonight, throwing this together at the last minute to continue my good posting streak. Also, now that I have done the unthinkable and actually left home forever I do have things to rant/talk about. I'm curious to share some of my thoughts, feelings and experiences in this area and see if anyone else has felt the same way, or maybe prepare you for some of the weird sensations that come when you step out completely on your own for the first time. So, here we go.


  To be honest, this one is fairly straightforward for me. My old house, my parent's place, my farm is my home. I'll probably always think of it that way. But it's SUPER weird to have another place that you live in that's supposed to technically be your home, but it's not really your home, y'know? It's not the place that holds all the memories. That can't be replaced very easily after twenty years. All of it just becomes confusing. 


  This is difficult. Mocking siblings is the pinnacle of my existence and now there's none to tease? It just isn't right, or fair. What am I supposed to do with myself now? All this extra time to spare...


  If you were lucky, like I was, you had a really awesome mom with a really high standard of cleanliness....that really just can't be met when you yourself are super lazy but still don't like feeling like you're walking around in dirt and grime all the time. So you've gotta do something about it, but ugh, work. It's a vicious cycle where it's mentally damaging to sit in the filth but so, so hard to do anything about it. 

   **My house isn't that bad, my mom just has crazy high standards that I'm used to. 


  We might as well state right now that I'm probably the least domestic person in the history of ever and I can't cook or bake to save my life. I love food, but the act of making food is so slow and boring and time-consuming and I could be doing literally anything else and be much, much happier and more productive. So, naturally, moving away from said-amazing-mother is a bit difficult in this regard. Since I have to not only do the cleaning, but the cooking too. And I have high standards for food as well. Thanks mom and grandma. 


  Of course this is not a struggle that applies to everyone, but for me, it is hard. I have only ever lived in one town of 100 people and spent most of my time at the farm anyway, so moving into the city has been...well, unpleasant. Tap water is disgusting. The roads are noisy. I don't hear coyotes anymore. I can't see the stars so well. Le sigh. I don't like it.


  This one is the worst. Renting a place often means no animals allowed. I miss my dogs and my cats a lot, and my horses as well (though of course they couldn't exist here at all). I've always had pets in my life and not having them is definitely a hard thing to give up. 

  There you have it, 6 Struggles of Moving Out. Perhaps a few can relate, for some it may serve as a future warning. :P In all seriousness though, moving out is pretty cool. It's a whole new, thrilling adventure and another chapter started in your life. It's pretty neat to see all the different things that begin to unfold when your life takes such a drastic turn. I won't pretend there aren't some hard things too (as mentioned above), and those take a bit of getting used to/getting through. Change can be cool, but it can be difficult too. And that's totally fine. I'm learning that all I really need to do is trust in God, sit back and enjoy the ride. Cherishing memories and living moment by moment and looking forward to the future with hope. Doing that, the change is not quite so hard or bad, in fact, it's pretty cool. 

  How did you cope with big changes in your life like moving out? Did I encourage or discourage you with my little rants? XD Let me know below!


  1. Hahahaa ... ok, those are like such good points! No wonder my folks are always saying, "learn to cook! learn to bake! learn to clean!" xD In all honesty though, I'm really adaptable so I'm perfectly fine living in the city or the middle of nowhere! And I've moved so often I don't have the problem of calling only one place "home". I mean once we were staying at a motel for three days and we were like "let's go home" and home = motel. Lol.


    1. Being the person responsible for the house is hard! Ugh. Especially the cooking bit, cleaning is okay...
      Wow, you're lucky to be so experienced in that. I've lived in pretty much the same place my entire life so I am not used to moving at all. And now I have to move around 3 times in the next five years, huzzah! :P

  2. I know some people consider moving out a sign of growing up - something to achieve - but honestly, I have no intention of moving out until I have to. ;P I'd have to look after myself?? [I think I'd die in about three weeks?? or else live on sandwiches.]

    But I bet you're going to create an amazing little home for yourself and your husband, Emily. :D

    1. Yes! I agree! Honestly, there's no real point in moving out if you're not traveling for school or getting married right away. I mean, obviously we don't want to be living off the backs of our parents, but if you're contributing to the household, have some form of work or study, basically if you're doing something with you're life I'm all for living at home and enjoying life with your family as long as you like! I have no regrets about that.

      Aw, thank you! :DD

  3. Oh gosh. So even in a dorm, most of this is true (except maybe cooking - cafeteria, anyone?). ESPECIALLY PETS. I have already made the decision that once my two required years of living on campus are through, I'm renting a pet-friendly apartment. Period.

    1. Ugh, isn't no pets just the worst? Like, what kind of monster are you if you can't handle some pets? Blargh. Life is so much better with animals.
      My husband and I have to move around to big cities for his schooling, so we can't risk having a pet now in the event we can't find a pet-friendly apartment in the future. Which sucks so bad.


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