Anti-Advice for Writers

  Writers get an awful lot of advice from just about everywhere. Some advice we never even ask for, amiright? As a profession we are pretty bombarded with how-to's and why-you-should's. Which is awesome. It's great that as a creative community we share tips and tricks and help one another. So I don't want to be here pedaling out another how-to list. It's SO much more fun to rant and yell about things that we need to be doing better! So, the topic of today's post is Anti-Advice (Advice that goes against every writerly instinct in your bones) for Writers. Enjoy my raving! :DD


  We writers really like to glamorize/romanticize/cutesify unhealthy behaviors - including consumation of a very large amount of caffeine. Personally, I am not a coffee-drinker, but I am a lover of junk food and when you're absorbed in finishing that chapter today or doing your editing or just GETTING THINGS ACCOMPLISHED WHOO-HAH then you're bound to make some unhealthy food choices. I know I do. All the time. Cause I'm terrible. But here's a call-out to NOT be like me, to get some good, wholesome food in you, to take a meal with the people in your life. Trust me, you'll feel better.


Honestly, we should probably read more books than we write, but since writing has become so serious to me in the past few years, my once thriving reading career has taken a sharp nose-dive to the point of embarrassment. My mother reads more books than me now! My MOTHER! *sobs forever*


  Says she writing a blog post instead of actually writing. *sheepish grin* But seriously, folks, it's really really really easy to get caught up in the black hole of social media marketing and get totally pulled away from your real work and mission. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, particularly when you are in the middle of an actual book-marketing campaign. But that bookish instagram post can probably wait until you finish that word count for the day, hun.


  I am passionate about this one because outside is the bomb and it's where you get to feel really alive. Also, it's hugely inspirational. Back when I lived in my beautiful country home and wasn't rotting away in the middle of the city *dramatic sigh* I would take walks down the lane and through the pasture to stimulate my creative senses, stretch my legs, and dust the cobwebs from my brain. So, go for walks, guys. LOOOONG ones. Or a bike ride, or swimming, or ride a horse (my fav). Bonus points if your adventure takes you so deep into your imagination that you start...
   a) talking to yourself
   b) pretending to be your character(s)
   c) shedding tears as a character
   d) running/jumping/falling/swordfighting dramatically on a hilltop*

*yes I do this and don't judge it's awesome - except not in the city cause ugh, people are watchinggg


le gasp! Yes. I said it. Here's the truth, guys, sometimes there are more important things in our lives than writing. I know that can be hard to believe when our imaginations have us entangled in some grand adventure and all that reality is offering is a workload of school or chores. But don't get so caught up in your work (whether you're a writer, chef, carpenter or doctor) that you miss all the beautiful little moments of life all around you. The world is so full and amazing and there's so much to see and to do, just think of all the things that there are - all the lifetimes and adventures to fill an eternity. Sometimes, we just need to take the time to enjoy what we have, what is real, what is right in front of us, before we finish editing that chapter. Trust me, this is super important.

  I know, that last one was pretty scandalous, I apologize if you fell out of your chair. What are some things you feel like writers need to be doing differently? Doing better? Some of the things we maybe take too far? Let's talk below!

  By the way, have you heard my SUPER COOL announcement concerning my end of the month showcase? Check it out on my Facebook page and spread the word, it's gonna be super awesome! :D


  1. LOVE this!! Especially reading more + going outside. It just seems so much easier to write after reading a few good books and going outside.

    1. AGREED. I don't know what it is about being out alone in the field that makes me start talking to myself as a fictional character, but it's therapeutic I tell ya!

  2. Me reading: it's rESEARCH OKAY.


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