February Highlights

  I guess tomorrow is March already. Um...wasn't it just Christmas yesterday? No? Sorry, allow me to go have an existential crisis in the corner then.



HORSE CHIRO // My mare had her first chiropractic visit at the beginning of the month, which as always was super fun and fascinating to watch. Horse anatomy and physiology really interests me, I would love the chance to study it more. Because of her needing time off after adjustments, and weeks of bitterly cold (-30 or worse) type weather for weeks at the beginning of the month, I haven't ridden her much, but we have been working a lot on keeping her focused on me and not worried about her friends out in the pasture, since she has a bit of herdbound anxiety we need to work through.

Isn't she a cutie though?

WEEKEND AT THE FARM // While Jonathan was away on a school ski trip to volunteer at a qualifying event for the paralympics I got to stay at home with the fam and enjoy a house that's actually warm, a nice quiet country atmosphere, and a LOT of heavy snowfall that I had to maneuver through out to camp to feed the camp ponies. It was a really good, really relaxing weekend for me, as being at home really helps me to let down and chill, far more than I can at my house in town.

VALENTINE'S DATE // Dates when you're married are great because you can decide to drive down to the city, go explore cool bookstores, or MEC, or the mall (or all of the above) and then decide to get a hotel and stay over and have a night out together with free breakfast - which is always awesome.

BLACK PANTHER MOVIE // was EXCELLENT! I was not super hyped for the movie like a lot of people were, just because I didn't know a ton about those particular characters, but wow. I really really liked this movie. Especially the female characters because they were cool, but not in that over-the-top, trying to prove something way. They were just actually cool. And it was awesome.

SKI-TRIP // I don't ski, but I went to the mountains with Jonathan and his family and some family friends last week to stay over in a hotel, where us kids took over the waterslide and proceeded to receive black eyes, bloody noses, and sprained knees. Or at least the younger ones did, Jonathan and I were fine. :P The next day everyone else went to the hill and I stayed in the lodge and wrote 3000+ words til lunchtime, then went hiking with my mother-in-law and the dog.

MORE CAMP // Right after skiing Jonathan and I rushed out to camp to participate in the MORE weekend, which is basically a jam-packed Bible school weekend for all-comers, camp staff and campers over the age of 14. This weekend was about the book of Judges and it was so interesting and we learned so much stuff, particularly stuff like how awful literally all but 1 or 2 people in the book of Judges are. :P It was a pretty good weekend with lots of friends, good food, and new Bible knowledge.


  I am excited because just last night I finished Part One of The Wandering, the second book in my fantasy series and sequel to The Awakening (both of which are under my Upcoming Projects page)! It's been quite a long process of writing this. I finished The Awakening in 2015 and have been working on/off of The Wandering since with other projects taking up some most of my time in that period. Part One currently stands at 87,239 words and 30 chapters plus a very short prologue/epilogue combo. So yeah, I'm pretty stoked to have reached another milestone in this book, now I have to outline and design Part Two, oh yeah, and write it. :P

  I have also been beta-reading Morrigan for Jonathan King, and finished beta-reading R+B for Madison Guy at the beginning of the month. It's been good to do some beta-reading, I haven't gotten into it much in the past few years since I've been so busy with my own writing. It's so nice to see up and coming stories in the community and get to be a part of their creation. :DD


This was a YA book that kind of ties into The Last Jedi, oddly since it takes place before the original trilogy, and is all about Leia's life just before the rebellion really gets going, while she is still living on Alderaan and with her parents and such. Though I wouldn't call it great literature, it did have some cool Easter eggs for the movies, particularly The Last Jedi, and I love how it showed Leia's struggle with joining the rebellion for the good of the galaxy, or staying out of it to protect the planet (Alderaan) that she loves. It makes the point in the original film where Alderaan is blown up that much more poignant.

THE ICE DRAGON by George RR Martin
This was just a short children's story which I believe is set in the same universe as the Game of Thrones books are, just in a much more fairy-tale like setting. It was short, sweet, and kind of surprised me with the ending. And of course, DRAGONS!

Jonathan and I got these from the bookstore on our date and they were both really good, really fascinating and creepy and the art was awesome for the stories. They are standalone and I would highly recommend them to comic book fans and fans of the DC universe.


  Blogging was pretty consistent this month, and I even got a new follower or two, which is always exciting. I'm looking forward to new posts next month, and hopefully a bit more time so I won't have to take a week off. :P


  Guys, I did so good with my writing-related goals this month, I might cry.

Goals for February
  • Finish The Wandering: Part One (final 5 chapters) // COMPLETE
  • Read 2 books (going for 30 this year!) // COMPLETE
  • Beta-read Morrigan by Jonathan King // IN PROGRESS
  • Send Faithless out to beta-readers (which you can still sign-up to do, just contact me!) // COMPLETE
Goals for March

  • Start/continue new manuscript (probably The Snow Dragon, but we'll see what I decide on)
  • Read 2 books (I want to read the whole Series of Unfortunate Events this month, plus I have a short novel on the go currently, so I SHOULD be able to make this goal)
  • Beta-read Morrigan (and hopefully finish?)

  And that was my February! The shortest month of the year that often feels like the longest. How was your February? What kinds of things did you do to beat the winter blues or accomplish your goals? Let me know in the comments below!

  Also, if it's already gonna be March, let's all hope for an early spring season weather-wise too, eh?


  1. THAT SKI TRIP PICTURE THOUGH *cries and cries* I want to be there we have no snow how can you ski with no snow *sobs some more* The Olympics put me in a want-to-do-sports mood as you can see ^^

    lol - lisa

    1. I would LOVE to give you this snow, take it ALLLLL!!! We just got another huge dump over the weekend after it was finally getting warm. Snow interferes with my favorite sport, which is horsebackriding. :P
      Do you snowboard or ski?

  2. Woot! Sounds like it was a pretty good month. You have a pretty horse. :)

    I got to finish one beta-reading project myself--a sweet YA contemporary romance by C.G. Coppola. I don't typically read romance, and she normally writes sci-fi/fantasy, but she pulled it off well. I cried. A lot.

    Here's to a successful March!

    1. Thank you! I think she's very pretty as well (lowkey part of the reason I bought her XD).

      That sounds like a great read! Beta-reading is so fun cause it's such exclusive access to a new story, and someday you'll be able to say you knew them way back when.

  3. I'm glad you had a good month!

    Your horse is STUNNING!!

    1. Thank you! I hope your February was awesome as well!

      Yes, my girl is the gorgeous-est. XD

  4. I went skiing for the first time last month and it was, well, interesting...No broken anything, but I was sore for DAYS afterward. That picture is so pretty!

    1. Haha, I can imagine. I have skiied 3 times in my life and I absolutely hated it. No one really taught me properly and I was always out of control, so it was pretty unfun. Did you enjoy it?
      Thank you!


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