2018 Rewind

  Welcome to 2019, everyone! How does it feel to be one year away from the dreaded 2020 (can you actually imagine saying the words "2020" out loud referring to your current year? Ew.) How was your Christmas time? Heck, how was the last half of your 2018? Recognizing that I kind of fell off the face of the blogosphere over the last bit of the year, I am writing this post to kickstart what will hopefully be a better blogging year in 2019! Tbh, I felt a bit disillusioned with blogging last year and was considering calling it quits or seriously changing my methods (more on that later), along with an intense workload of moving and trying to figure life out, blogging was not high on my list of priorities. Hopefully in the coming year I can be more realistic about my goals, situation, and abilities and create a platform that works for myself and readers, but enough excuses! Despite the craziness that 2018 was and the ups and downs of the year, I definitely had a good time and got to do some awesome stuff. To recap:


Offered 1 New Job

  In the last leg of this crazy year, my trainer offered me a position as an assistant trainer of sorts in her horse program, which is literally my dream job (aside from making millions writing books, lol). I absolutely accepted after struggling all fall to find a good job and wishing to be able to do something I really loved. I'm starting up this next week and couldn't be more thrilled!

Got 1 New Haircut

  After a lot of humming and hawing, I decided to take the plunge and chop the last of my hair to try out a pixie cut. I was pretty nervous for the results, not sure if the style would suit my face or not, but I think it worked out really well and I kinda really like it. If anyone else is wondering whether or not to try a drastic new style, let this be your sign! You'll feel really good once you do it!

Bought 2 New Horses

  This was a pretty horsey year, though it wasn't a smooth horsey year by any means. But a couple of the highlights were the purchases of Phoebe (in May) and Arthur (in November). Phoebe is my personal horse, a 2 yr old liver chestnut TB x draft rescue filly that I am raising as a jumper prospect for myself in the future. She has come such a long way since May after I fell in love with her at the barn and I'm so thrilled to call her mine - she's smart, gorgeous, and talented. Arthur is a 3 yr old bay TB gelding that I jointly purchased with one of my fellow camp wranglers to break and train for camp work. He is tall, gangly, and so level-headed, I can't wait to start him undersaddle this summer!

Took 2 Trips

  I didn't get to travel as much as I would have liked but the two little trips I did get to take were super fun and I really enjoyed them. I went with Jonathan's family for the weekend in Radium BC and we had some awesome hikes and I got to go in a hot spring for the very first time. Shortly after, Jonathan and I took a roadtrip to Vancouver and Vancouver Island, backpacking, staying in a hostel in Victoria, visiting Quadra Island, visiting friends in the city, and my grandparents in Kelowna. It was a good way to relax and take a break from the last few ridiculous months of our life.

Had a New Dog for 4 Months

  Our hired hand had a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog puppy for a few months this fall but unfortunately had to pass her on to another home in December. However, all us kids really enjoyed her (Gruesa), she was so much fun to have around the farm even for a short time.

Moved 6 Times

  After marching out of our first home together in April, Jonathan and I proceeded to bounce around over summer/fall. We spent 2 weeks at my parents house, 2 weeks at his parents, and then moved out to camp for June/July/August which was pretty enjoyable except for the lack of WiFi. After camp we came back to Jonathan's parents for much longer than we meant while waiting for our house to be ready. Currently we are sitting pretty in my childhood home which while (at 800 sq feet) was too small for my 7 person family, is perfect for the two of us. Honestly, if I never have to move again in my life, I'll be okay with that.

Did my 7th Summer at Camp

  This past summer was my 7th summer as a staff member at Camp Little Red. It was really nice having my own cabin and getting to work with the young horse and being there all summer. It's kinda crazy to think that I have been there for 7 summers. Where does the time go?

  Those were some of my bigger moments of 2018 and so far 2019 is looking to be just as action-packed, full of fun, and busy as last year (and most of the last years) was. However, I want to make 2019 better in that I'll be making more of an effort to work towards my goals and ambitions, particularly in my writing (as that is what pertains to this blog). In order to do so, I'd like to streamline my priorities and let fall to the wayside some of the unnecessary things or things that I don't like or need to do. In light of my performance this past fall, I've decided that while I do really enjoy the blogging community and the blogosphere as a whole, committing to weekly blog posts is just not in the cards for me these days. However, I don't want to give it up completely and it's nice to commune with other members of the book community, share thoughts and ideas, and keep an updated site for any customers of my books. That being said, in 2019 I will be aiming for a writing/reading related post once per month, a quarterly updates post, and infrequent book/publishing updates or community calls/announcements as they may appear. I'm planning to keep up my activity reading as many blogs as I can as well, but I haven't specifically set aside time for that yet, so we'll see when and how that works as the New Year progresses. I'm hoping these changes will allow me to breathe a little more and be able to focus more on my books, which is my true passion, and some of my other life priorities.

  Anyways, enough dreary talk, I'd love to hear more about YOUR 2018? Was it good, bad, ugly? Did you accomplish the goals you wanted to? Were you like me and a little lackluster! I've been away awhile and I'd love to hear about what's happening in your life! Leave me a comment down below!



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