Emily's Top Ten Fictional friendSHIPS

  So I did a Top Ten OTP's post in February for Valentine's Day. I got to use cute, romantic GIFs and definitely went over the "Top Ten" aspect. Whoops. But today, I am hear to bring forth my Top Ten Fictional FriendSHIPS for your reading/viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

  In no particular order...

FRODO and SAM (lord of the rings)


  No list is complete without these two literal angels. Probably the best example of friendship that I've ever read about. Sam is so faithful and Frodo tries so hard to keep him from the pain of the Ring and AH. They're so beautiful, they make me cry. Ugh

STEVE and BUCKY (marvel, captain america)

To be honest, these guys are on everyone's list. Because look at them. They did not deserve all the terrible things that pulled them apart. They would die for each other and it's all so terrible and sad and beautiful. #feels

TIMON and PUMBAA (the lion king)


Anybody want to start singing Hakuna Matata with me? :DD

LUKE, LEIA and HAN (star wars)

These guys are the ultimate, classic trio and this image is basically their group aesthetic. Look at the smiles, the back-clapping, don't it make you feel all full of giddiness and good ol' platonic love?

MERRY and PIPPIN (lord of the rings)

Can't have Frodo and Sam without these two to add the comic relief to a grief-sodden story. Also, they are the cutest and bestest by far. How can you not love them?

PETER and HARRY (marvel, spiderman)

I definitely prefer the original trilogy but couldn't find any gifs so here are the aesthetic Andrew Garfield and Dane Dehaan version of these two brothers-turned-enemies that play upon my heartstrings.


Well, over this part year these kids squirmed their way into my heart. I can honestly say they are super adorable 80's memorabilia and science experiment. They're pretty great kids.

TODD and COPPER (the fox and the hound)

Is it still considered socially acceptable to cry about this movie when you're like, an adult? Yes? Good. Cause I do. Like, bawling. My childhood guys.

ANNE and DIANA (anne of green gables)

If you're a young girl, particularly a homeschooled one with an overactive imagination and a love for reading, then you also loved this friend ship. How can you not? They are such beautiful, amazing and inspirational young ladies.

THE GAANG: AANG, SOKKA, KATARA, TOPH and ZUKO (avatar: the last airbender)

Saved one of the best for last - the Gaang. The best animated friend group known to man. If you have yet to subject yourself to the glories of ATLA then I beg of you to put this post down and go to Netflix and WATCH. Like, seriously!

  So, did any of your favorites make the list? Tell me, who did I leave out? Going through this I remembered a lot of pairs I had left out of my OTP post. Whoops! What fictional friendship is your favorite?


  1. Sam is the best friend in all of literature. and all of anything. Sam is the best because Frodo is literally the worst. lol.

    but THE STRANGER THINGS KIDS YES. and the actors who play them tbh.

    great list :)

    1. *inhales sharply* My Frodo-Hate sensors have been triggered!! *restrains page long rant*

      Haha, yes, the Stranger Things kids are adorable and the actors are also very adorable and so cool as well, they put me to shame.

      Thanks so much!

  2. YES! This list is perfect! I want to be friends with all these characters. So sad when they are just made up though... falling in love with character struggles.

    1. Thank you! <3 Yes, why are the best people all imaginary?? It's not fair. *sigh*

  3. YES. YEEEEEES. Fictional relationships just make me so pleased 💖 My favorite ever is the Star Wars trio! But I have to say your other choices are adorable too.

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    1. Fictional relationships are like a solid 34% of my personal happiness. Yes, the Star Wars trio are golden, I'd have to say my favorites are Frodo and Sam (cause I'm a LotR nerd - particularly a Frodo nerd, lol).

  4. I'm two months late, but DUDE!! I'm not familiar enough with Stranger Things + Lion King to know if I'd adore those characters but all the others! YES YES YES. My childhood in a nutshell.

    1. Oh, Abi! You must familiarize yourself with Stranger Things. I know it's SO mainstream, but it's such a good show!

      And Lion King!!! Have you gone this long without it in your life?? *le gasp*


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