Writing Wednesday - The Sorceress and the Squid, Chapter Two

  So since this Wednesday really snuck up on me *read: I spent all of Tuesday with Jonathan riding horses and swimming at the lake* I wasn't able to get what I wanted to debut today ready for eyes other than my own. Instead, I decided to share the second chapter of my fairy-tale novella, the first of which I shared last month. I won't be sharing the whole thing online of course, and probably just the first three chapters at max, but for now, this is my life-saver for this month. :P

  I'll try not to talk to much and just let you at it, right here.

  Basically, The Sorceress and the Squid is a fairy-tale story centering on a sorceress named Estrella, pupil of the Wizard and one of the Fae people in the kingdom of Perth. Trained in the magic arts, she rises against the Academy of human warriors in the valley below her mountain home. In trying to destroy their school she creates an enemy in a particular warrior named Jalen, who pursues her and ends up being transformed into a squid. Out of pity, Estrella then embarks on an adventure to bring Jalen to the Wizard for him to be restored to human form.

  Though it seems like a light-hearted, quirky tale I try to wrestle with some more mature elements as well and I think that comes through. Hopefully it lends a streak of seriousness to my whimsical fairy tale.

  If you are wanting to read the first chapter, check out my previous Writing Wednesday blog post for all the other information, located here.

  Thanks to all the readers! If you like, feel free to leave comments in the Google documents as well, they are more than welcome.

  Does anyone else have a story in progress now? What are you writing about these days?


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