How Is NaNo Going? *cries*

  This is a brief post to check-in on my fellow writers participating in whatever way in the month of NaNo craziness. Of course, checking into Twitter kinda shows me what's happening on that front.

  A lot of caffeine, crying, screaming, and words. A LOT of words.

  A lot more than me. Le sigh.

  BUT...and this is hard for me to believe and to accept. This is OKAY. This is ACCEPTABLE. Not everyone can write a whole novel in 2 days of NaNo (coughcoughPaperFurycough). And not everyone can write a whole novel in 2 weeks. I have always been a slower writer, and I can't even finish half of half of my novel in 2 days or 2 weeks. But again, that is okay.

  And if you're in that same place, know that it's okay too. Take encouragement from me and my slow writing and know that it's okay to not speed through your writing process. It's okay to not get carpal tunnel and it's okay that you're busy or stressed or struggling. It's really, truly okay.

  I've got 9 more chapters left to write this month - long, complex ones. And yeah, I probably won't make it. But I'm content with that. My ultimate goal is to be finished by the New Year, which I'm confident I can do. At the time of writing this I just finished one whole chapter in a day - which is pretty good for me.

  I'm a busy person. I have a lot of things to do and get done, a couple of jobs to work, horses to work and ride, a husband to hang out with, friends and family who I want to spend time with, other hobbies to pursue, a house to kind of keep in somewhat of an order, homework, Christmas to prepare for, 2 other projects, and a whole host of other things going on any given day. I need to learn to give myself a break.

  And if you're like me, take a moment to breathe and do the same. It's okay. Really.

  So, where are you at in NaNo? I hope you're still enjoying the process? Tell me about your WIP! I love, love, love hearing about new novels in the works!


  1. Im on track with NaNo, but I always take things very slowly. its crazy to me that people are winning at this point. lol. or win in two days. Wild. lol.

    1. Same! I don't understand how people can move so quickly! Haha, maybe someday we'll make it. ;)

  2. *cries* *screams* *dies*

    I DON'T KNOW HOW CAIT @ PAPERFURY DOES IT. Obviously she is not actually human. But... a dragon wouldn't be able to type fast either??

    (Probably if I'd written more than 0 words over the last week, I wouldn't be feeling so stressed right now?? WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF)
    - Jem Jones

    1. I know right??? Ugh, does she even sleep? Or eat or breathe or go to the bathroom? I don't understand. I also have approximately 33842934335 things to do every week but you know. :P

      Ha ha ha...*cries*

  3. Hey, any words you write now are words down on paper! So it honestly doesn't matter how many you get - last time I got maaayyybbee 3K? :P Keep it up!!

    1. It's true! I've definitely gotten way more chapters done then I would have without the subtle prompting of NaNo! Thanks for the encouragement! :D Good luck to you if you are also flailing through the last few days!


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