What I've Been Binging On Netflix

  So Jonathan and I recently invested in Netflix, which was one of the best decisions of our marriage so far. And since my opinion on things, particularly shows, is obviously invaluable, I am here today to talk about some of my favorite shows that I now have access to because of Netflix, and why you should be watching them too!


  If you haven't seen this yet, then I'm not sure what you've been doing with your life* but clearly you should get on it because NOSTALGIA! MONSTERS! TELEKINESIS! CHILD ACTORS THAT DON'T SUCK! I could go on. Basically, it's the coolest. And you should be a cool kid and watch it too.

  Favorite Characters? Hopper and Eleven - especially after this last season.**

*probably good, productive things like a useful human being
**Jonathan and I just finished season 2 and I just AJHJAGFAJFHJAKF


  We started watching this as soon as we got Netflix cause we'd both heard such good things about it. Everyone fangirls over this show and I was really curious about it. WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. This show is intense, dark, and totally gripping. Every episode I am on the edge of my seat. Also, the VILLAINS!! Cannot say enough good things about the villains they've crafted.

Favorite characters? Foggy, Matt, Wilson Fisk and the Punisher.


  This is definitely one of my favorite shows. The villain here is also very well done, but differs from those in Daredevil in that you absolutely despise him because he's so well-done, whereas you almost feel sorry for the Punisher and Fisk in many ways. Still, Jessica Jones herself is fantastic and a character you can really get behind. This show is pretty jaw-dropping in a lot of ways, I enjoy it immensely.

  Favorite characters? Jessica and Patsy.


  Please don't hate me for not having read the books yet. I know, I know, I'm a terrible person. But I have every intention of reading the books when I can collect them all for cheap*! I really enjoy the show though, the dry, dark humor, the cinematography, the casting, it's all great. And I am really looking forward to a second season and also to reading the books themselves.

  Favorite characters? The children, Count Olaf, and Uncle Monty.

*Because there's soooo many and they're soooo expensive for their tiny-ness

  Welp. There you have it, a small list of the things I have been binge-watching lately. Have you found any cool new shows, movies, or books? I am always adding to my ever-growing, eternal list of media to consume, please, help me sink deeper into my hopeless hole!


  1. YEESSSS A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS ❤.❤ I haven't read the books yet, either, but this show is BASICALLY MY LIFE (I bawled like a little kid at the end of episode seven! (I think it was episode seven? *scratches head* I'm not so sure, now :P )). Which part are you at?? :D


    1. Yay, we are both terrible people who saw the show first! XD I've finished the series now and yeah, I really enjoyed it! I am so pumped for a second season, and also so confused by the parental roles (having not read the books) AHHH!

  2. I've heard good things about all of these, except Jessica Jones! I'll have to try it out if/when I get netflix! I've read some of the A Series of Unfortunate Events, and I enjoyed it!

    1. They are all great and Jessica Jones is quite great, the villain and the hero are such great foils to each other, that's what I really appreciate.
      Ahh, I really need to read the books! Ugh.


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