April Highlights

  Another month has come and gone, another VERY BUSY month. But, on the plus side, I am SO GLAD the snow is gone here and that we've had days getting up to +30 finally after a long, bitter winter.


EASTER // Naturally the month began with Easter celebrations, which included a delicious meal and time well-spent at home with family. Granted the weather wasn't grand, but it's FINALLY WARMING UP HERE and I am happy.

OBSTACLES AND CLINICS // At the barn there were a few clinics and an obstacle day. I took my mare through all the obstacles and she was a champ. We've also started working more on bending and collecting with her, and I've been jumping Bandy more, as well as getting on the crazy pony Frost more often. All is going quite well.

AHEA CONFERENCE // I went as a vendor to the annual AHEA convention a few weekends ago and while I did not sell nearly as many copies of The Sorceress and the Squid that I wanted to, I did get the chance to meet a lot of cool people and was able to sell my book to some really enthusiastic buyers, so that was super fun.

WISDOM TOOTH SURGERY // After the conference, I had my wisdom teeth removed and that was...less fun. I did something called conscious sedation which was really good actually and I don't remember much of the surgery. It was more the day after that was a bit miserable due to the bleeding and numbness. I'm glad to finally get that out of the way though.

MOVING OUT // Yep! We are on the move! Today is our last full day in our first house and we will be heading out to spend a few weeks with my family on the farm, followed by a few weeks with Jonathan's family, and then two months living at and working at camp. I'm super excited to get out of the city and for summer to go into full swing, but it is a bit bittersweet moving out, as it always is, and a little bit stressful. Which, combined with some of the busy things above, explains my fairly nonexistent presence here and also my abysmal month of writing/reading work.


  As with last month I was supposed to be writing The Snow Dragon. But that kinda did not at all happen between the packing, organizing, surgery, warm weather making me want to go outside, and a dozen other things that took my attention. This month all I've wanted to do when I get home is sit around. I'm going to try and work a little harder in May, but I don't anticipate much because life only gets busier from here on out. :P


I got up to the tenth book in A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket! But no matter where I look I cannot find the 11th one, though I have 12 and 13 ready to go! I ended up only reading number 10 and 9 this month, but that hits my monthly goal of 2 books, so I call that a win.


  Blogging has been pretty good this month, although I am desperately in need of writing-related content to talk about on here! Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?? I would love to hear them! Alternatively, I am very interested in doing a guest post or hosting a guest post or having a guest post swap if someone else is!


Goals for April

  • Sell 40+ copies of The Sorceress and the Squid (As per my announcement last week, I have a booth at the AHEA homeschool convention this month, and hopefully that will give me the opportunity to sell lots of books to homeschoolers) While I did not come close to selling that many copies, I did manage to peddle 11, and even though it was a discouraging number, I'm thankful that my book managed to find its way into new hands and I really hope that they enjoy it!
  • Read 2 books/finish Series of Unfortunate Events (hopefully I can do this and read 2 different books as well, but we'll see) I COULDN'T FINISH BECAUSE NO ONE HAS THE 11TH BOOK!!! But I did read 2 books, so that counts. 
  • Write The Snow Dragon/Camp NaNo? (I know it starts tomorrow but I haven't decided yet cause I know I'll probably fail, haha, maybe I'll just try to do a few huge word dumps this month) Hahahahahahahahaha I suck.
  • Beta-read Morrigan (maybe this month I'll be a good person and finish?) *rinse and repeat above sentiment*

Goals for May

  • Actually flippin' write something (at this point I'd settle for anything). 
  • Read 2 books/find ASOUE #11
  • Beta-readdddddddddddddd you horrible person!
  • Find an opportunity to do a book signing at a library (to get rid of all my extra copies, haha).

  Welp. That was April. It doesn't seem busy when I look back at my calendar, though I had a total of one single day where I wasn't doing anything and that was the day after I got my teeth removed. The stress of moving has been a lot, and having everything after August kind of up in the air at the moment. There's been a lot going on without much at all going on, if that makes sense. Honestly, I hope that changes in May because I much prefer having lots of activities or jobs to do than lots of thinking and planning (or packing) to do and be stressed by. Here's to a better month ahead! And hurrah for warmer weather!

  How was your April? Did you do Camp NaNo? Or at least write/read a worthwhile amount? XD Let me know in the comments below!


  1. LOL, you're having a hard time finding book 11? When I first read through the series, I could not get book 12 out of the library for the longest time! It was soooo annoying, especially because my brother and I were reading the series so we needed it for a longer period of time. But now I have the entire series, so I can read it whenever I want. I really hope you enjoy the ending of the series. It's pretty good!

    I did participate in Camp, but I didn't win my time goal. I got a lot done, though, so I'm happy about that!

    I hope your move goes smoothly! I know those are always stressful at some level or another.

    Have a wonderful May!

    1. UPDATE: I found book 11! I had to go to a thrift store 2 hours away to do it, but I did! Haha, that's the trouble with such a long series - it's so hard to get all the volumes. I can't wait to get to the end though!

      Congrats on all your Camp NaNo work!! And thank you so much! It was a hectic move, but we're (mostly) settled now.

  2. I hope you meet all of your goals for this month! I'm glad you had a good April (asides from the removal of wisdom teeth, OUCH).

    Great post! <3

    1. Thank you! Yeah, wisdom teeth were unpleasant, but I'm very glad they're gone! Happiest of Mays to you!

  3. I don't think I need to get my wisdom teeth out *fingers crossed* but they've been coming in for most of the year and it is a proCESS. Not necessarily painful all the time, but it's just annoying if nothing else.

    Good luck with your move!

    1. Ugh, I know, right!?! Mine erupted just above the gum and would always get food stuck and cause me to bite my cheeks. It was super irritating. I hope you don't need yours out though! It is fairly unpleasant. :P

      Thanks so much!

  4. Sounds like your April was a busy time! Mine was, unfortunately, filled with illness which kept me from being productive.

    Though 11 is disappointing, at least you did sell 11! That's better than 0, right? Best of luck with moving!

    1. Very much so, haha. Oh no! That's no good! I hope you're feeling better.

      It's true, and I am happy about that. Thank you so much!


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