March Highlights

  Well, I'm not sure where that month went, but it was kind of "meh" for me personally and I didn't accomplish much on the whole (it was a really bad month for procrastination, lol) but oh well! I am very much looking forward to April, to a REAL SPRING (*side eyes @Canada), and the coming summer months.


GIRLS CAMP // I counselled at All Girls Camp near the beginning of the month and had a really good time actually, usually I get very drained by counselling, but my girls were really good and I enjoyed them a lot. It was overall a very nice weekend.

CROSS COUNTRY SKIING // I did this twice this month, which was the first times since the only other time I went when I was like, 11. So yeah, I wasn't very good, but I discovered that I actually kinda liked it and since it SNOWED-A-FREAKING-GAIN I suppose there are more chances for me to go this season yet.

6 MONTHS MARRIED // The 19th marked 6 months of marriage which is super weird, I can't believe that much time has passed already, I remember reaching 6 months of dating and that seemed to take forever. XD But it's been awesome, all these 6 months, I am a very fortunate girl to be married to an incredible boy.

DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT // Four local youth groups met for an epic dodgeball showdown on the 23rd. It was a battle, it was messy, dark, tense. There was so much screaming and death and defeat. Luckily, my team (made up of three guys, a few 16-20 year old girls, and half a dozen 13-ish year old girls) dominated the entire night, not losing a single round. It was awesome. My team is awesome. There's something super satisfying about slaughtering everyone at dodgeball, especially when your team is majority pre-teen females.

BARN DANCE // Homeschool barn dance/swing dancing lesson! I am not the greatest dancer, and neither is Jonathan. Without a strong leader on either of our parts we kind of crumble to dust, lol. But it's always fun to just hang out and dance with friends.

HORSESSSSS // I didn't do very much this month besides procrastinate at home and go to my barn and spend time with horses. I did get to jump this month again (finally) and there is talk of spring/summer show possibilities, but nothing super exciting. I finally got on psycho pony again the other day and she was a good girl. Also, Jonathan came out riding with me and while he was going around on Two Bits the saddle slid right off and deposited him on the ground. XD She was super good, came to a stop and just stood there and licked and chewed* and waited for us to fix her saddle. She's been such a nice girl lately, and she's definitely not fat anymore, so that great.

*When a horse starts licking and chewing after a potentially frightening situation it's a sign of relaxing and of their prey animal programmed digestive system "rebooting" because they recognize the danger has passed. I was pretty surprised she started licking and chewing immediately after he fell and dragged the saddle around her belly. It seems like a small thing, but it's a really big positive. #randomunnecessaryhorsefacts


  When I spoke previously of my procrastination, this was more what I was referring to. I was supposed to be writing The Snow Dragon while my beta readers go over Faithless, but I only wrote one chapter. *hides face* I am a bad writer. Hopefully some Camp NaNo propoganda will kick me in the rear.


  I finally did it guys! I finally started reading A Series of Unfortunate Events!! It's such a great series and I'm so disappointed I never picked it up earlier! I just finished book 8 yesterday and I only own to book 10, so I need to find the last 3 soon. Also, the show's second season came out yesterday, and Jonathan and I pretty much binge-watched it during yesterday's snowstorm (saving the last two episodes til after I read book 9). I am loving both the books and the show, and I am so ready to know the secrets of VFD and the Snicket fires and all of that good stuff.

  I also read The Shadow Throne, the last book in the Ascendance Trilogy which I read the first two of a LOOOONNGGG time ago and just this month managed to finish. I really enjoyed how it ended, and reading middle grade books this month has been quiet refreshing.


  Still blogging, guys! I've got some cool, interesting new posts coming next month and I'm quiet excited for those, and I have some platform-building hopes/ideas to build on through the year, so stay tuned!


  Goals for March

  • Start/continue new manuscript (probably The Snow Dragon, but we'll see what I decide on) // I mean, I DID continue The Snow Dragon this month, just...badly. XD
  • Read 2 books (I want to read the whole Series of Unfortunate Events this month, plus I have a short novel on the go currently, so I SHOULD be able to make this goal) // This was very much accomplished! I read a total of 9 books this month, which is quite a few for me. 
  • Beta-read Morrigan (and hopefully finish?) // I did not finish, but I'm really enjoying this story and I am excited to see where it goes!
  Goals for April

  (This is a good question, what are my goals for April?? I have SO much going on in my life this month, what else can I possibly accomplish?)

  • Sell 40+ copies of The Sorceress and the Squid (As per my announcement last week, I have a booth at the AHEA homeschool convention this month, and hopefully that will give me the opportunity to sell lots of books to homeschoolers)
  • Read 2 books/finish Series of Unfortunate Events (hopefully I can do this and read 2 different books as well, but we'll see)
  • Write The Snow Dragon/Camp NaNo? (I know it starts tomorrow but I haven't decided yet cause I know I'll probably fail, haha, maybe I'll just try to do a few huge word dumps this month)
  • Beta-read Morrigan (maybe this month I'll be a good person and finish?)

  Well, that was my unproductive, overly quiet, admittedly depressing March. Guys, I am so so ready for spring right now. Honestly, we went from temperatures in the +6 range to -30 with the windchill. It's not fun. At all. I just want SPRING PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

  How was your March? Did you manage to accomplish more with your life than me? XD Are you totally ready for summer yet? I know I am! Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Temperatures in the +6?? I am not used to that kind of weather. XD Sounds like your month was nice, though! It's been spring in Texas for about a month now. And that means hot and humid. XD Hope you have an awesome April! <3

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. Haha, and +6 was the GOOD stuff! It has since gotten down to -30 with the wind chill a few times! Sigh, hot and humid sounds really nice right now...honestly, I just need a vacation from this time of transition in the year.
      Thank you! I hope you do too!

  2. I mean, here in the southern US it's still FREEZING too, so it's not just a Canada thing XD. It SNOWED last week, for heaven's sake!

    I started the A Series of Unfortunate Events series a while back but never finished it. I really should get the rest of the books and then read them!

    1. Spring seems to be stuck everywhere...which is awful, cause it was SO NICE for a couple weeks and I was so hopeful. Sigh.

      Oooh, definitely finish them! They're excellent and the show is really worthwhile as well. I am having trouble finding the last 3 at any used bookstores around here and I only have 1 left til I need them!


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