Just Little Things

  Sometimes it's nice to just to take a break and focus on the little things in life. One of my passions is art, which involves the art of photography, which I have been pursuing more and more in the last 3 years. Here is a collection of photos, little moments, little elements of life that make it so beautiful.

  Sit back and scroll and I hope you will be encouraged by the little things in life and inspired to really focus on the little things of your own. :)


Cold sunsets.
Your best friend's smile.

Your wedding bouquet.
Horses in motion.
Soft flower petals.

Snowy gallops.

Spring thaw.

Winter adventures with friends.

The perfect lighting.

Snowy pups.

Mountain air.

Happy ponies.

Horsey Photoshoots.

Heifer herd.

Frosty days.

Happy kids.



Family moments.

Mountain sunrises. 

Birthday outings.
The golden light of a Christmas tree.

Fluffy kittens.

Creative gingerbread cookies.

Pretty street corners.

Walking on the beach.

Beach sunsets.

Hermit crabs.

Windswept hair.

River sunsets.


A quiet place to call home.

Beautiful people in beautiful places.

Awesome selfie lighting.
Curious puppies.

The laughter of friends.

Long, windy hikes.

Fall trail rides.

Rock concerts.

Galloping herds.

Pretty portraits with a new camera.

Smiley babies.

Pink sunsets.

Fall colors.

Awesome views.

Sunsets on the beach.

Cute pony buddies.

Climbing trees.

City skylines.

Barefoot and carefree.

Family fun.

Hazy lake sunsets.

Moments with him.

Spider webs.

Dancing with your friends.

The way he makes you feel when he looks at you.

Putting on your wedding dress.

Cold evenings in the cold pool.

Practicing your walk down the aisle.

Floating on driftwood.

Flower crowns.

Summer skies.

Unpacking your first house.

Galloping in dresses.



Climbing trees.

Shy puppies.

Shiny, fat ponies.

Mountain birthdays.

Lazy lake days.

Wet wildroses. 

Stormy sunsets.

Forking in the rain.


Bicycle rides.

Blue-eyed kittens 

Owl encounters.
Dandelion fluff.
First beach day of spring.

Baby calves.

Tree portraits.
Rocky West Coast bay.

Bird watching.

Wet flower petals.


Ferry rides.

Golden sun evenings.

Mountain roadtrips.
Mountain vistas.

Baby mice.

Cool markings.

Cracked windshields. 

Pasture sunsets.

Trails with friends.
Piles of cats.


Cows and balloons.

Walking the dog.

Dorky horse portraits.
Cozy cabin mornings.

Sun-capped peaks.

Black and white portraits.

Winter pony rides.

Well, there are some (or many) little moments from the past year and a bit. I love looking back and appreciating those little moments and memories that make up my life. The last few years I've been working harder to collect and preserve them with my photography so that I can truly enjoy them like I am posting about them today. If you were even a teensy bit inspired by these "little things" I would love to see similar posts out there on the blogosphere! Let me know if you come up with something similar and share it with me! In the meantime, what's a little moment from today that you're really treasuring? Let me know in the comments below!


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